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Why Be Average When You Could Be GREAT?

The sad truth today is that “average” in the United States means overweight or obese. You don’t need me to tell you this, just look around you!

You also don’t need the CDC to tell you their latest stats, which are: as of 2015, over 78.6 million adults in the USA are either overweight or obese. This doesn’t even take into account the millions of children who are now struggling with obesity, fatty liver disease, and diabetes who, by the way, have parents who are struggling with their own food and weight issues.

Do you really want to be one of the average?

Are you happy being overweight?

Are you thrilled with being obese? Does it excite you to Be Average? I expect that your answers to these questions is a resounding NO, but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop your struggle.

What If You Could End the Struggle and Step In To YOUR Greatness?

What about your food addictions, food obsessions, scale obsession and constant feeling that you’re not good enough? You don’t even need to be obese to have the struggle within you. In fact many of my coaching clients were only 5 pounds to 20 pounds over their ideal weight when I coached them to freedom from the struggle. Be careful you don’t judge them if you are more than 20 pounds overweight because this problem is not even about the weight, or the food! It’s an Inner Self problem and if you don’t heal it, you will continue to struggle.

The Good News is that the struggle lives within you which means that Only YOU need to change! No thing and no one outside of YOU must change in order for you to get what YOU want: lasting freedom from your ongoing struggles with food and your weight. To finally drop the fat and keep it off.

Just imagine, if it were easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle, if you no longer sabotaged yourself and if you no longer used food for comfort, then what the heck could possibly stop you from releasing the fat and keeping off? You’re right: Nothing would stop you!

Why Not Step Into YOUR Greatness?

No matter how much success you have achieved in your business life you simply cannot be your greatest self when you feel crappy about your body. After all, you take your body with you everywhere! Just consider how much better ALL areas of your life would be today if you were taking a body with you that you felt GOOD in! How much confidence would you feel, how excited would you feel and how much would you be looking forward to each day if you truly felt good in your own skin?

How would this result impact your sex life? What about your bank account? What would stop you from Going For It in ALL areas of your life if you felt Good in Your Own Skin?

On the flip side, what is it costing you in ALL areas of your life to keep struggling as you are now?

You truly CAN step into your greatness now. You CAN break free of the struggle and you CAN achieve all that you’ve dreamed of. It just take radically different action than what you’re doing now.

Yes! In order to get radically different results you’ve gotta take radically different action. Hey! If what you’ve been doing could have given you the results of total freedom from your out-of-control eating then you’d already have those results, wouldn’t you. Of course you would! Therefore you’ve already proven to yourself that what you’ve been doing is not working. If you don’t have the results of freedom from the struggle, if you don’t have the results of permanent weight loss and if you don’t have the results of ease and fun when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle then you know that you’re missing something.

The bad news is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

The Good News is that everyone has blind spots and this is why all smart, successful people a) recognize they have a problem b) decide the are going to solve it and c) hire a coach to help them solve it. Why do all of the Greats take this route? Because all high achievers know that the quickest and easiest way to get to the place they want to go is by hiring a kick ass professional coach who already has the proven system to permanent weight loss and already has the proven track record of helping the others who have come before you. Others who used to have the same problems you’re struggling with now!

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Why Be Average When You Could Be GREAT?

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