So how are you doing you smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss YOU? It’s that time again to check in with you since we’re 3 months into the New Year, and now we’ve got bikini season is right around the corner!

Actually, the big holiday season will be here before you know it, which brings up a good question – where do you want to be 6 months from today when October rolls around and we head into another holiday season?

Your Progress Since New Year’s

If you’ve been doing great with your healthy lifestyle, weight loss and fitness goals since the New Year then you’ve already dropped (on the low end) 12 pounds, which amounts to one pound a week. One pound a week might not sound like a lot to you, especially if you’re always looking for a quick fix that will shed the weight fast (but what weight? fat or muscle?…) but if you haven’t been taking action towards your weight loss and fitness goals then 12 pounds would probably be a great accomplishment for you today compared to no weight loss or a weight gain. 

Now on the other hand if you’ve been rockin’ and rolling then you could be down 24 pounds, 2 pounds each week over the past 3 months! And if that’s you then you’ve gotta be feeling pretty good I’d think. However…if the way you’ve gotten to where you are has been a struggle for you and you’ve been fighting cravings the entire way, then that’s not so fun and it’s probably not feeling so easy for ya either.

What’s The Point?

So what if you’re reading this and you didn’t follow through with healthy actions over the past 3 months to create a healthy, fit body for yourself and you even have a weight gain on your hands? Is the point of this article to just make you feel bad?

No, the point is that you have the opportunity to ask yourself now, in this very moment, where you want to be 3 months from now. You can choose to take different actions now if that’s what you want to do, or you can choose to stay where you are and even keep going up the scale.

Do Your Actions Feel Good?

Now the best scenario is when the actions you take feel good – they are healthy actions that feel easy and effortless for you. If you instead try to force yourself to change, force yourself to take healthy actions, it’s going to be a big struggle for you and it’s not going to feel good, it won’t be fun.

I know exactly what that feels like as I’ve been there and done that having lived in tons of struggle before and I can say from experience that it’s not any fun. I mean, why would you even want to attempt to lose weight and get fit if it’s a big ‘ole struggle for ya? Why would you stick with it if it’s not any fun?

So the point for you today is that you can choose to take healthy actions begining now that will get you closer to that bikini body you’d like to have a few months from today, or you can choose not to but if you choose not to then you’re probably not going to be very happy with yourself if you truly have the desire to get fit, get healthy, get toned, get strong, and lose fat.

It’s all up to you, it’s all your choice, and if you do opt to take healthy actions from here on out that will get you into that bikini you want to wear or darn close to it, then I’d only suggest that you choose actions that are fun and easy for you to take. If you choose to stay in struggle it will be too hard for you to get where you’re going and you’ll more than likely give up on it, and that won’t get you the progress or the results that you want.


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