I’ve got an interesting topic for you today, my thoughts on why I think you should not read Fearless Fat Loss. Sure, I know this sounds really odd, but I think you’ll get what I’m saying re: feeling stress if you’re not ready to change at this moment.

I also share with you how much weight I lost since last Monday, as well as inches. It’s all in my video post, check it out!

[youtube KC7VYGJ3DWA]

I’m still getting the hang of these video posts – I did so many takes of this video today that I started to lose my voice and I decided that I’d just post what I had here. So does that make sense to you? The goal here is to help you motivate yourself in a positive direction, so let’s get moving! 🙂

By the way, stay tuned for more on the topic of stress because guess what – I’m starting another experiment on myself. Yes, it’s true, I’ll start a new series this Wednesday, so watch for that.

Links to my posts I referenced in my video post:

Are You Ready?

I hope you enjoyed my video post and that you’re ready to take action in your life to change your lifestyle and get healthy and fit in body, mind, and spirit.

Remember they all work together, and those quick fix “solutions” that tell you that you can continue to eat whatever you want and still lose weight sure don’t help you build a healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle filled with whole foods, regular exercise, positive thinking, self-love, and tons of energy.