Here are some interesting tidbits from the blogosphere for your weekend perusal, enjoy!

  • Are you waiting until New Year’s to lose weight? – I’m not making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I might take some weight loss motivational/progress photos that day, and I do love New Year’s because it feels like a fresh start, but I won’t make any resolutions. Even though I’ve been struggling with my motivation, I’m working on it now instead of waiting until d-day. Here are some thoughts on the New Year and weight loss by Catherine Morgan, and here is Christine’s take on it!
  • Stop the Insanity! – Do you remember Susan Powter? She was all over the T.V., on Oprah and other talk shows and in her own infomercials in the 90’s. You remember her story, she lost over 130 pounds and she was on a mission to help motivate the masses with her message of whole foods and lifestyle changes, something that I completely agree with. Well she took a break to raise her children and now she’s back! Do you resonate with Susan and her motivational style? Does she help you stay on track? Check her out on her new blog!
  • Food Addition – There’s a new blog about food addiction in the blogsphere, check it out at FOOD AND YOU. Althea Hayden, a self-confessed food addict and therapist from the U.K. has just begun to give us information on food addiction. I’m sure that she will continue to bring us excellent posts on the topic, so be sure to get a jump on it now!
  • Fitness and English Lessons (if you’re Asian) – To round up this list, here’s a video for you, a wonderful example of multitasking. Now you might very well laugh at this, but honestly, it really is a good idea for those who are pressed for time, need to learn a foreign language, as well as fit low impact aerobics into their schedule. Imagine if some fun workout videos were made where you could brush up on your German or French (or Japanese for that matter!), isn’t this a smart way to multi-task?! C’mon now, think of the possibilities! 🙂
  • [youtube BmbsSw81Uww]