Last week I brought you my first update of 2008 and I’m happy to report that overall I did quite well with my weight loss and fitness goals in the past 6 days (I will be weighing and measuring on Mondays now instead of Tuesdays).

I completed my cardio and body sculpting goals, and for the most part I remained on plan with my eating program, however I did have some times that I ate foods that were not on my plan. What does this do to my results? Well, they aren’t as stellar as they could be! 😉

I did drop 1/2 pound, however my inches are up 1.125 inches. I believe that my results would have reflected more of a loss on the scale, as well as in my inches if I had just stuck to my healthy eating program completely. Why didn’t I do it? I don’t have an excuse because there isn’t one, mainly it’s simply that I gave in to a couple of times of that saboteur thinking, “a little won’t hurt”. The problem is if “the little” is food that isn’t going to help your body fuel itself optimally and fire up your metabolism, then you just can’t expect that your weight loss goals will be reached soon, or possibly at all (if you keep straying from healthy eating and using portion control).

I am quite happy with myself that I completed my exercise goals: 5 cardio sessions of 30 minutes each (paced walking on treadmill in THR – target heart rate), and 2 body sculpting sessions. In the past I’ve usually given up on my exercise goals if I did not eat very well, however I stuck with them this week even though my eating wasn’t perfect. Additionally, I drank 100oz of water each day, something else that I have not always done unless I was eating perfectly.

I really feel that I made some progress with my actions because instead of getting into all or nothing thinking, I took many positive, healthy actions and when I add up everything that I did that was healthy for me, I was treating myself more healthily than not.

For next week, I do expect to see a loss in both my weight and inches. I made a positive decision to join another online weight loss support group for the Six Week Body Makeover plan like I’ve done in the past, and whenever I do this my follow through towards my goals is much higher (as long as I am honestly committed to them!). I think that it’s much easier to follow through with your actions to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals when you have a support group helping you stay motivated and on track, at least that’s how it works for me.

My current stats:

weight – 158.5 (-.5)

inches – 288.5 (+1.125)