For my weekly update on my personal weight loss progress, the biggest joy that I want to share with you is that I’m finally feeling like my old, healthy self again. I’m feeling motivated, I’m losing weight because I’m sticking to my healthy weight loss plan 100%, and I’m enjoying my exercise sessions; in fact, I’m looking forward to them like I used to.

You might remember that I recently shared in a post that I was really in a funk for about the last six months of 2007, but I decided that I was going to get back on track, which meant getting off all refined sugar, flour, salt, dairy, and unhealthy fats. I’ve been doing pretty good for the past month, however not as well as I did last week.

Here’s what I did last week that gave me a 4 pound and 4.5 inch loss:

  • Stuck to my healthy weight loss plan the Six Week Body Makeover exactly as it’s written -Last week I shared with you that I went out to eat for my birthday and even though I made some excellent progress with my food choices and emotional eating, I wasn’t 100% on my eating plan. The thing is, if I don’t give it my all, I won’t get the results I’m seeking.
  • Did my cardio on my treadmill 5 times last week, 30 minutes each in my target heart rate zone (THR).
  • Completed 2 body sculpting sessions, and I used a heavier resistance band than the one I normally use. I noticed that when I was carrying my skis, they felt much lighter, so my resistance training is building my upper body strength back up.
  • I’m loving myself just a little bit more each day and allowing myself to treat me like I would my own best friend, which means following through with my commitment to eat healthy and exercise.

The most important thing that I did that had the greatest effect on my attitude and my motivation was to stay off of the refined sugar and flour. I also stayed off the other items that I listed above, and what I’ve learned is that the best thing I can do for myself is to keep eating clean, which means staying away from the processed foods and instead eating whole, healthy foods. Therefore I’m not eating fast food, frozen dinners, pre-packaged foods, none of that stuff.

I’m positively motivated right now and as long as I stay off of the processed foods, then I’ll continue to feel good. It’s also wonderful to be back in the space of not having those cravings for the sweets, breads, cheeses, fried foods, all of that stuff that keeps me wanting more as soon as I have a little of it.

Here’s my stats:

  • Weight: 155
    • -4 pounds since last Monday, -8 pounds since January 1.
  • Inches: 284.625
    •  -4.5 inches since last Monday, -9.625 inches since January 1.

By the way, my goal weight is 125, however what I’m more interested in is my strength and fitness level. If the scale says 130 and I have a firm, lean, strong body, then that’s just fine with me. 😉

I sincerely hope that giving you these updates on how I’m doing with my own journey of healing emotional eating, food addiction, and unhealthy habits helps you with your own weight loss and fitness goals. I can definitely relate to being very successful with losing weight and then feeling bad about regaining after going back to old habits. I can also relate to feeling a lack of motivation, and having constant cravings for sugary, processed foods.

I hope that by sharing with you my ups and downs and how I am pulling myself back up and into my healthy groove helps you accomplish your own goals. I feel like if I (a sugar addict and emotional eater) can do this, then anyone can. 😉