Sex and The City First EpisodeTo complete your Valentine’s Weekend, here’s something fun for ya.

Well ok, I know what you’re thinking: Sex and The City has nothing to do with emotional eating, weight loss, or fitness for mind, body, and spirit…or does it?

This is about FUN (which by the way is an integral part of a fit and healthy lifestyle!) that doesn’t involve food, and I wish I’d found it for you earlier for all of you smart readers of Fearless Fat Loss who love Sex and The City – you could have spent your Valentine’s Weekend in a marathon of Sex and The City episodes, that is if you didn’t have other plans for Valentine’s Day. 😉

Also, you might just find it kinda motivating to watch a show like this because it is fun (and funny!) and they wear really cute clothes and such. Of course, we all know that getting yourself fit really is serious business because it’s all about your health, however when you can focus on the fun in the process it’s simply more…fun! If instead your only focus (and motivation) is the fact that you’re at great risk for heart disease when you’re obese and filling yourself with unhealthy, non-nutritious processed foods, then there’s not enough of a balance of fun motivation in that.

So, back to the fun… if I’d found this before I would have given it to you as another non-chocolate option to celebrate Valentine’s Day but hey, you’ve got all day today if you’d like to get your dose of the sexy, romantic comedy of Sex and The City.

Watch Sex And The City Free Online

To watch Sex and The City online for free you can start here with Season 1, Episode 1. This site has the complete 6 seasons of SATC, every episode, and while you will see some small subtitles (Japanese I think) I bet you can deal with that to be able to watch a free marathon of Sex and The City.

Note: you will need to install Firefox because the video player doesn’t work in IE but that’s simple enough to do. If you don’t already have FF you can get it here.


Enjoy your Sex and The City marathon if that’s a fun way for you to finish out your Valentine’s Weekend, at least for you ladies – for the guys, maybe you’d like a 24 marathon or Lost? Not that women don’t like those shows too, but I think that Sex and The City overall has a mostly female audience. Have fun!

Photo by haysophie

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