Are you waiting until New Year’s Day to finally make some changes to your eating and exercise habits (maybe making New Year’s resolutions?), to lose weight and get fit? Are you telling yourself that you just want to make it through the holiday season without any restrictions, and then you’ll change?

If you answered yes to these questions, I do understand how you feel. I was thinking the same way just a few days ago, but you know what? When is a good time to make some lifestyle changes and get fit? And, if you are truly changing your lifestyle and not going the route of short-term dieting, then why does it matter if you get healthy today instead of waiting until tomorrow or New Year’s Day? A lifestyle is everyday living, so why should the holidays have any bearing on that?

Like I said, I was thinking just like you that I could just get back on track with my healthy living after the holidays. What does this mean, though? It means that I want to keep indulging my sugar addiction and if I do that, when will it ever end? I’ve been having off and on problems with my sugar addiction since June, even though before that I was doing fabulous and feeling great by staying off the sugar, which shows that if I were to wait, there is always something to use as an excuse to make changes today! Here are just a few of them:

  • I want to enjoy the holidays and eat whatever I want (read: overeat and stuff myself)
  • If I do any baking for Christmas for my family, I want to be able to enjoy it! (read: one bite of that sugared item leads to more, and more, and more…)
  • I feel stressed out and overwhelmed with the holidays, with my cat (still) being at the vet, with vet bills, with (fill in the blank)!
  • I bought (insert name of unhealthy food) and even though it contains sugar and isn’t the healthiest for me, I don’t want to waste money (that’s a big one for me), so I should just eat it and start eating healthy tomorrow (or later, just not today).
  • How can I expect myself to eat healthy during this time of year, isn’t that crazy?!

I could say all of these today, but you know what happens if I wait until January? Here’s that list of excuses:

  • I feel too stressed out with (fill in the blank), how can I stick to a healthy eating plan today? (I need to meditate more and work on that stress, huh?! 🙂 )
  • Why not wait until summer, then I’ll really be motivated!
  • My birthday is coming up, I want to enjoy it!
  • Valentines will be here shortly, I want to enjoy it!
  • Oh, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and what about Easter?!!
  • I’ll be meeting (fill in the blank) for lunch, dinner, coffee, I want to enjoy myself!

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You see how this is never-ending? Can you relate to this? This is why I say that today is as good a day as any to get off the sugar, do some healthy cooking, get on the treadmill, use those resistance bands, feed my mind with the positive, and stop waiting until that nefarious future that may never come.

Remember, there are 6 major U.S. holidays, and when you add in the 8 most widely recognized minor U.S. holidays (Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Kwanza), and also throw in Super Bowl Sunday and birthday’s (add in co-worker birthdays since there’s probably a cake for them at work), you’ve got over 16 times in the year when you can tell yourself, “I’ll wait until (fill in the blank) is over before I change and lose weight”; that’s more than once a month, once every 4 weeks!

While many of you may still decide to wait until after New Year’s, I hope I gave you some motivation here to start thinking about how you can incorporate lasting lifestyle changes into this holiday season. For example, if you decide that you will utilize portion control and walk 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, those are lifestyle changes that easily allow you to still eat what you want, but may help you maintain your current weight throughout this season.

As for me, I’ll be continuing on sugar-free while still eating my sweets (in the form of fruit) 2 – 3 times a day. It’s just not worth it for me to give in to those sweet white crystals because I know how I’ll feel once I get a few days behind me of sugar-free living. My body has been feeling really bad on the sugar and I want to get back to feeling full of energy and health again, not to mention losing the weight that I’ve gained. 😉

Waiting Until New Year’s To Lose Weight and Get Fit?