Disney Cinderella CastleI recently returned from a week’s vacation in Florida with my family and it was quite interesting because…I didn’t bring vacation weight gain home with me!

You MUST Gain Weight on Vacation?

Do you believe that you must gain weight on vacation? Are you someone who forces yourself to diet (no fun!) so that you can lose weight before vacation to “let it all go” while on vacation and gain 10 pounds? Have you ever heard anyone say that if you take a cruise you always gain weight?

These are all thoughts and if you believe them for yourself, you’re right! You will gain weight on vacation because that is your belief. It is your expectation and you will always prove yourself right.

On the other hand if you live a healthy lifestyle not only in your physical actions but also in your mind, your consciousness, your spirit, then going on vacation is simply another part of your life. You will take yourself with you on vacation and if you are a fun, healthy, “focused on Feeling Good NOW” kinda person then you wouldn’t be thinking of a vacation as an opportunity to stuff yourself.

Dieting for a Vacation…Fun??

If you buy into the thought that you’ve gotta force yourself to diet in order to look great on vacation, how are you going to maintain your weight loss? How does the diet fit into your normal, everyday routine? What happens after your vacation? How do you feel on the inside?

Vacations can be great fun, especially if you love to travel like I do, and they can be a wonderful opportunity for a change of scenery. That’s all really good stuff, however the way that you treat yourself today is what you will carry with you wherever you go. If you enjoy a healthy, fit lifestyle at home you will carry that same vibe with you on vacation and you won’t be in “danger” of a vacation weight gain.

It all starts now and you can always choose to treat yourself with healthy actions today so when your next vacation comes around there will be no need to force a drag of a diet on yourself only to return home 10 pounds heavier.

It all begins now, it all begins at home.  Shine ON!

Photo by Joe Penniston