Recently, I conducted an experiment on myself and eliminated all refined sugar from my daily diet, with fabulous results.

I ran this experiment for 4 weeks and my goal was to find out if by cutting out all refined sugar, sugar alcohols, and foods high in natural sugar, whether this would eliminate all sugar cravings for me, which worked! I wasn’t focused on weight loss, even though I did report if I dropped any weight each week.

This time I have another experiment to conduct: I will be following the Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond to the letter for the next 6 weeks, and I will report my progress to you each Monday. I believe in this program 100%, and I wish to show you what can be accomplished in just 6 weeks. For many, only 6 weeks is not long enough to accomplish your final goal, however when you break your overall goal down into 6 week segments, it will be much more manageable for you, and not so overwhelming.

To prepare for this experiment, over the past couple of weeks I have relaxed my eating and exercise habits so that I would be starting out as most would, and more like I did when I initially began the Six Week Body Makeover, meaning that I haven’t been eating only whole foods and exercising regularly. Is this a good idea and something that I suggest that you do? NO, I simply wanted to give you the best example that I could for the results that you actually get with this program.

My results may not be anything like your’s though, especially if you are starting out at a higher weight than I am. There are people that have lost 30 pounds in the first week of the 6WBMO, but they also weighed over 275 or 300 when they began. Men also lose quicker than women, and as far as my progress has always been, I lose weight at a moderate pace, even though I can gain it faster than you imagine!

I am posting this later in the day so that I would have already begun my experiment, which takes some pressure off of me (I’m not forcing myself to do this as I have most of the day completed successfully). 😉 Since I began when I woke up this morning, I am following the 6WBMO 100% as of this posting. My beginning weight and inches are: 150 lbs and 281.375 inches. I take 13 body measurements (i.e.: upper arm, forearm, waist, etc.) and I measure down to an eighth of an inch.

I will give you my first week’s update next Monday. If you would like to learn more about the Six Week Body Makeover, please read this post, or you can find it below: