It’s time to update you on my progress with my Six Week Body Makeover experiment. It’s week two, and the first week I reported to you that I dropped 5.5 pounds. This week I can add another 2 pounds to that! My inches stayed the same.

This program is so wonderful, it truly was a life changer for me when I purchased it back in 2004. I’d like to give you the top 5 benefits that I have received after all of the knowledge that I have gained from the 6WBMO:

1. My energy improves dramatically. I don’t have the ups and downs that I would get when eating sugar, and I have energy to accomplish everything that I need to in a day.

2. I sleep better. While my energy improves dramatically, it’s clear to me when I’m tired at the end of the night, and I don’t have a problem getting to sleep.

3. I feel wonderful. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t also gotten off of the processed foods and returned to whole, healthy foods because you don’t know how bad you feel until you feel great. You just think that you’re dragging around each day and that’s how everyone feels, but you don’t have to feel that way.

4. I am free of the food obsessions and food cravings. This is something else that is hard to imagine until you experience it. Food is supposed to be fuel for the body, not something that your life revolves around. However, when you’re eating all of those addictive ingredients (sugar, white flour, unhealthy fats) that are present in most processed food, it’s very hard to not be focused on food. You think about it because you’re craving it, you want more of that great tasting, addictive stuff!

5. The weight melts off of you. When you feed your body whole foods only when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full, your body will naturally release the excess weight. It’s very important to eat though, not starve! You must eat to lose weight, and with the Six Week Body Makeover, you not only eat, but also eat often.

Even though the Six Week Body Makeover is the best weight loss program that I’ve ever experienced, I wouldn’t say it’s a magic cure for your weight issues, because you still need to pay attention to the reasons that contributed to your overweight in the first place. Whether that’s emotional eating, food addiction, motivation, negative self-beliefs, or something else, you will still want to address those issues in order to have lasting success.

I just don’t want to present the 6WBMO to you as if it’s a miracle cure, because it’s not. It does require a willingness to change, motivation, preparation, and planning, but as long as you don’t make excuses that will sabotage you, you will shine and realize your goals. 🙂

If you are interested in the Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond, you can find it in the mini-mall below. If you are ready to change your lifestyle and get back to eating whole, real food, I highly recommend it to you:

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