It’s time to update you on my progress with the Six Week Body Makeover program that I’ve been following. If this is the first post you’ve read about this, you could read either the introduction to my latest experiment, or start with the first update or the official week one update.

This week I don’t have a loss to report to you. It’s not uncommon for me as far as the past experience I have had with losing weight, meaning that I am very successful at gaining weight quickly and easily, however I do not always lose weight as quickly. Actually, it’s not healthy to lose weight quickly anyway, nor is it healthy to yo-yo back and forth with your weight (which I have done). It’s much healthier to simply maintain your weight, of course being even better when that weight is a healthy weight for you. 😉

I did not lose weight, but instead gained one pound (my inches stayed the same). I must say that part of this is very likely because I had 2 meals over the weekend that were not completely sodium-free. I don’t have an excuse for this (because there isn’t one). I did spend the weekend with my parents, however there was no reason that I couldn’t have eaten only my healthy, whole foods.

This is a good example of why it’s best to just stick to the 6WBMO plan as it’s written. It’s very possible that I could have had the same results, or the result of no loss, no gain, however I cannot know now. When you do stick with the plan as it’s written though, then you have no doubts about your outcome. You know that you did what you were “supposed” to. You will not lose weight every week as it is, because there will come a time that your body reaches a plateau and needs to level out. However, as long as you continue eating and exercising per your routine, this will pass.

I do suggest that if you want to lose weight and get healthy and fit, that you eat and exercise as Michael Thurmond puts it together for you in the Six Week Body Makeover, because it can be very frustrating if you don’t. When you eat food with added sodium (i.e.: processed food), this stalls your weight loss. If you want the best results possible, just follow it as it’s written. 😉