Do you want to lose weight but do so in a healthy manner? Are you interested in losing fat, and not muscle? Would you like to reshape and sculpt your body into a fit (not skinny!) form?

A few weeks ago I wrote that I would document my progress with the Six Week Body Makeover, a way of eating and exercising that I first began in January, 2004. I was very successful with this program in 2004 and kept off the 43.5 pounds that I lost at that time (for over a year) before I went back to old, unhealthy eating habits. The fact that I went back to old habits is another topic, however I credit the 6WBMO with teaching me how to eat and exercise in a healthy manner.

I’ve been updating you each Monday with my progress, and we’re already at week five. Now this program is called the Six Week Body Makeover, and I’m documenting my progress for those 6 weeks, however it depends on where you are when you start as to how long it will take you to get to your goal weight and fitness level. In those first 6 weeks however, you can make substantial progress that will definitely motivate and inspire you to keep going if you have more weight to lose.

As far as my progress to date, I did drop another 2.5 pounds (and 2 inches) since last week. I am very happy with my progress and it fits with the experience that I’ve had before. The difference now is that I want to keep off the weight that I lose. I want to resolve my issues with food and weight, most of which all come back to that addictive ingredient: sugar.

A huge benefit to the Six Week Body Makeover program is that you eat real food, whole foods that are not processed, and do not contain refined sugar. Therefore, you don’t have those cravings for sweets, and as long as you stick to the program and keep eating (you eat a good amount of food, and often!), you will lose weight easily, and rather quickly.

Overall, the most important benefit that I receive from the 6WBMO is how I feel. My energy level is up and much higher than it is when I’m eating processed foods, and I feel light and healthy. It’s funny because before I learned to eat and exercise as I do now, I never knew how bad I felt physically. I didn’t have anything to compare (how I felt) with, and just dragged myself around each day.

Now I feel excellent, and I cannot say enough good things about the Six Week Body Makeover. I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation, not only for weight loss, but also for overall health and wellness.