Birthday PresentBelieve it or not, Fearless Fat Loss has turned one year old! I wanted to have a new theme to celebrate my blog’s birthday on March 07, but that’s OK – this is a belated birthday celebration.

I picked up Wendy’s legacy theme after she released it at eMomsathome (thank you Wendy! 🙂 ) but I had some work to do on the original – I had to make it sing for Fearless Fat Loss, and that meant bringing back the green. This took me awhile to get everything worked out (a bit of my perfectionist habit cropped up and I did take off for a ski holiday), hence the belated birthday bash. 😉

The Green Bubbles are back

As you can see, I’ve brought the bubbles back. Many of you will remember my original theme:

Fearless Fat Loss original theme

This was my theme here at Fearless Fat Loss for almost a year until that fateful weekend when all h**l broke loose and my site stopped working, and shortly thereafter my entire theme stopped working.

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At that time I made the switch to the simple theme that I’ve been using since then, but like I said when I made the switch, I meant for that to be temporary. I just needed to have something that worked:

Interim Theme at Fearless Fat Loss

I asked for some feedback on my interim theme and Susan from Nutrition Fitness Life said that she liked my green header and that if I brought it back it would make my site pop. I’ve had others say they liked the green bubbles too, and hey, I like ’em because they’re different. They also seem like home for Fearless Fat Loss because they were here for so long already, so they’re back!

Fearless Fat Loss New Theme

There are still a few more items I need to work on, however overall things are in order. Here’s the funny thing: my first post here at Fearless Fat Loss was about perfectionism and how that habit can derail your diet. I’m still working on my habit of perfectionism and it pops up everywhere, including the work I’ve been doing on my theme.

I realized that if I waited until my theme was completely perfect, I’d never even change it. Can you relate to that in your weight loss journey, for example the “I’ll wait until Monday” syndrome? Why wait until things are perfect, take action today!

Body, Mind, Spirit

With Fearless Fat Loss’s new theme, I can express more clearly what this site is all about – fitness for body, mind, and spirit. Based on my own personal experience, a diet doesn’t solve overeating, emotional eating, or food addiction. It doesn’t keep the weight off and it can lead to lowered metabolism, negative psychological ramifications, and a life filled with a focus on the scale – not fun!

I’ve learned that it really takes a whole body-mind-spirit transformation to not only lose the weight, but also keep it off for good. This means getting off the processed foods, using portion control, incorporating daily exercise, changing your thoughts about weight loss (if you think you can change, you can), loving yourself, and creating a whole, healthy lifestyle. Sound like too much? It’s not because each of these areas intersects and builds upon the other. Where you start (with the body, mind, or spirit) is up to you, as long as you incorporate each area in the end.
Articles Page

I’ve added an articles page for you, which you can find in the navigation bar. This is different than my archives page (or a category page) because I’ve listed some of my popular articles grouped by topic. I manually put that page together and will make changes to it as I add more content to the site.


For those of you who like stats, here’s some interesting tid-bits about Fearless Fat Loss over the past year:

Top 5 posts of the year:

  1. What is Crystalline Fructose?
  2. What is an Omentum and What Does It Look Like?
  3. 23 “Health” Drinks that Contain Crystalline Fructose
  4. The Best Weight Loss Plan Ever – The Six Week Body Makeover
  5. Are You Addicted To Sugar?


Traffic has grown 300% over the past year.

The RSS reader count for Fearless Fat Loss has grown from zero to 322 and I sincerely thank each and every one of you for tuning in – if I were blogging only for myself, I’d get pretty bored. 😉

I’ve published a total of 397 posts in the first year here at Fearless Fat Loss, there have been 1873 excellent comments (of course that doesn’t include spam 😉 ), and my best guess is that I’ve learned approximately 157, 268 new things this past year, especially pertaining to blogging!


Speaking of comments, I’ve installed the CommentLuv plugin for all of you smart Fit Shack readers who also have blogs. What this plugin does is it attempts to grab your most recent blog post from your RSS feed and posts a link to it at the end of your comment! It’s pretty cool, and one of the ways I want to say thank you to the wonderful commenters who contribute to the conversation at Fearless Fat Loss.

Photo Credit

The photo of the blue eye in the Mind box at the top of each page is by Jef Bettens.

The Bottom Line

I could have made this post super short and written only, “I changed my theme because I love the new one, it brings me joy, and it makes blogging more fun for me“. I want to have fun with this blog and if I’m having fun, you’ll have fun, too. I wasn’t happy with my last theme, it didn’t say much, and while I did enjoy the first one when I started this blog, I really like the new one.

More Changes Ahead

I still have some more changes to make and I’ll blog about those as I make them. Like I said, I wanted everything to be perfect when I launched my new theme, but I need to go with what I’ve completed so far.

What About You?

I’d love to hear your feedback, what do you think about the new look at Fearless Fat Loss?

Fearless Fat Loss Is One Year Old and Has a New Look!