I’ve written several posts about Michael Thurmond’s 6-Week Body Makeover lifestyle plan and you’ve heard me talk about it in my video posts, too, however there’s something that is included in the 6-Week Body Makeover kit that I haven’t mentioned yet – the 6-Day Mini Makeover.

The 6-Day Mini Makeover is a different plan than the 6WBMO and its purpose is to get you down one pant or dress size in 6 days. Just like the 6-Week Body Makeover you still eat more and exercise less to lose weight, however it is not a lifestyle plan and has some very specific guidelines:

  • Never do the 6-Day Mini Makeover Plan until you have done at minimum a full 6 weeks of eating and exercising per the 6-Week Body Makeover plan.
  • Only do the 6-Day Mini Makeover Plan once after a minimum of each 6 week period of the 6-Week Body Makeover plan and no more than once every 6 week period.
  • Note: If you are following the 6-Week Body Makeover plan there is really no reason to even use the 6-Day Mini Makeover because the 6WBMO will give you excellent results without all of the restrictions of the 6DMM, as long as you follow the 6WBMO as it’s written.

So Why All the Rules?

The 6-Day Mini Makeover plan is not to be followed until after at least a full 6 weeks with the 6-Week Body Makeover plan because the 6-Week Body Makeover plan gets your metabolism revved up into high gear. You need your metabolism burning white hot so that your body goes into a fat burning mode.

If you were to start out with the 6-Day Mini Makeover you run the risk that you’ll put your body into a fat storing mode because even though you’re eating often you don’t have all of the food options of the 6WBMO, that’s just how it is. Actually it’s more that you run the risk of keeping your body in a fat storing mode, because if you’ve been dieting your whole life, your metabolism is likely to be very slow.

Besides that though, it’s kind of boring because you must follow it to the letter and if you were to do the 6-Day Mini Makeover initially you could mistakenly think that that is what the 6WBMO lifestyle plan is like and that is very far from the truth.

The 6-Day Mini Makeover is Not a Lifestyle

There’s no way that I would want to eat per the 6DMM plan for life – it’s very much like a diet with too many restrictions. For example, right now I’m eating a lot of Ahi Tuna steaks. I did find a great recipe for them, but still I don’t like to eat Ahi Tuna for almost every meal. That’s the thing though, with the 6DMM – you must follow it exactly as it’s written and you don’t have the play of the 6WBMO. With the 6WBMO you can choose for a list of proteins per your body type, and if you don’t want to

My Experiment with the 6-Day Mini Makeover

I had to give you all the ins and outs of the 6-Day Mini Makeover because I think that this is how a lot of people get discouraged with the 6-Week Body Makeover – they think they are following the 6-Week Body Makeover when they are actually doing the 6-Day Mini Makeover that came with their 6WBMO kit. Hey, if I had started out with the 6DMM in the first place I would have been discouraged, too!

So now that you know all about it though, I’m doing the 6-Day Mini Makeover myself. Yep, that’s right, I started it yesterday. Why? I want the experience of it since I’ve never ever used it since I first purchased my 6WBMO kit back in 2004, and I want the regimented routine at this moment.

What I mean is that while I’ve been eating per the 6WBMO, I’ve lost a lot of my sharpness and “newbieness” that I had a couple years ago and if there’s one thing that you need to truly succeed, that is preparation and planning.

Update Coming Soon!

I already know that I’ll be happy to get back to my 6WBMO meals, but I’m going to see this through until the end of Friday. I’ll give you my complete update next Monday with all of my findings. Until then, here’s a video I did today on this topic, check it out!

[youtube t5uUCHLgc9s]