Is a weekly update on my personal weight loss and fitness progress helpful to you when I don’t make positive progress? I think so, because if you can relate to anything that I am going through right now and then I turn things around and make positive progress, then you can say, “hey, if she can turn things around, so can I!”

Last week was Thanksgiving and I gave you some easy and realistic tips on how to get through the day without overloading yourself on food. My family didn’t celebrate until Saturday and as it turned out, I didn’t make it to dinner on time (off topic re: one of my cats who thankfully looks like he will survive). Even if I had made it on time, the actual Thanksgiving dinner really didn’t have anything to do with my lack of positive progress last week, although Thanksgiving did play into my overeating.

What happened was I pretty much worked myself up in anticipation of that one Thanksgiving dinner, when if I had just relaxed about it I could have eaten my own healthy meal instead of the usual pound-packing-on, sugar and sodium laden fare; especially since I didn’t make it in time to eat with everyone else! I had all sorts of rationalizations about this but what it really comes down to is that I’ve been having a struggle with getting back on the healthy track and staying there.

I attribute most of this difficulty to my sugar addiction. Sugar addiction is something that I’ve been dealing with most of my life, although I wasn’t focused on it like I am now. In fact, my experience is that the whole topic of weight loss is not as simple as “just eat less and exercise!” I find that the people who say that have never really experienced a problem with emotional eating, overeating, overweight, sugar addiction, other food addictions (fat, salt, dairy), or food abuse in general. This is why I don’t write only about “diet and exercise” here at Fearless Fat Loss, but instead write about several topics under the umbrella of health and fitness. I believe that you cannot separate the mind from the body, and that you really need to heal the entire issue of why you are using and abusing food if you want to have lasting success.

So back to the topic of the topic of my sugar addiction and the struggle I’m having: I’ve often written about motivation and changing your thoughts in order to get yourself to take action. I do believe that your thoughts are key to positive action, and at the same time, you can also change your thoughts and your attitude by taking action! It’s another chicken and the egg story but in the case of sugar addiction, I don’t think that there is necessarily a “good time” to get off of it (sugar) and in my case, I need to take the action to get off of it instead of waiting for the perfect timing and perfect attitude. This will then improve my thoughts and attitude because the refined sugar has a negative effect on my thoughts and emotions.

As far as my stats go, I gained 2.5 pounds and 2 inches last week. No, I don’t feel good about this, especially since I feel like I should know what to do (because I do!), but that’s not good enough; I have to apply what I know.

Thanksgiving and Weight Loss – Positive Progress or Not?