Guess what – there are only 5 months left until the New Year. Are you still telling yourself that you’re going to lose weight “tomorrow”? When will that day every come?

Today is the Tomorrow you told yourself Yesterday you’d finally Do It

So here’s a question for ya, on this third day of August, this day in August that…ok, let’s get real here – if you’d followed through with your New Year’s Resolution then you could be at minimum 30 pounds lighter today. That’s a loss of only one pound per week.

So back to today’s question… are you still telling yourself that you’re going to finally… you’ll “really”…. “get it all together”… lose the weight, and get fit……tomorrow??

Are you still telling yourself that you’ll “start on Monday”, or that you’ll “start after your…”

– summer break
– vacation
– holiday weekend
– (fill in the blank….)

How long have you been living in Tomorrowland? What’s the weather like there? How does it Feel? Is it Fun for you?

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What If…

Ok then, how about a different question, something really cool to think about…..what would it be like to move out of Tomorrowland into NOWville? NOWville, that place where you take effortless action to create the fit, healthy, sexy body of your dreams, and actually Have Fun doing it!

I’m putting together a fun, free call for you to share some valuable insights into how much FUN effortless weight loss can be and how much more fun it is to live in NOWville compared to Tomorrowland.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there and done that. I’ve lived in Tomorrowland and I know the pain of that ride.

I also know the joy of living in NOWville and am excited about seeing you get there – if you’re Ready to allow yourself to, that is. (ever heard of The Art of Allowing, Abraham-Hicks?)

Click here now to register for this free call.

When you register you can include your #1 weight loss question about how to move out of “Tomorrowland” & Take Action Today. That’s right, take action Today and move into NOWville and create your ideal body. I’ll answer as many of those pre-submitted questions as time allows on the call.

On this free call I’ll also cover:

– Why it does not work to force yourself to take action (and on the flip side, how much FUN it is when you’re taking effortless action!)

– The reason your “battle of the bulge” is doomed to fail.

– What you MUST do if you wish to lose weight using the law of attraction (this is the vital step that was left out of “The Secret”)

– And much more…

This call is guaranteed to not only be a fun time but also jam packed with value.

So here’s to you packing your bags, moving out of Tomorrowland, and getting on the fun, Weight Loss ActionWagon to move on down the road to NOWville.

Oh, and while I highly suggest you come to the live call to soak up all of the high vibin’ fun and energy, the call will be recorded and those details will be emailed to everyone who registers for the call.

Register NOW for this free call and Shine ON! 😉

UPDATE 12/09: The recording of the fun, free, telecall I did in August 2009 is no longer available however you can listen to the most recent fun, free telecall I did, which also delved into the topic of moving out of Tomorrowland. It has the important focus on the fear of holiday weight gain.

All of the links in this article will take you to the page where you can register for the recording details for that free telecall.


Take Action Now to Lose Weight & Leave Tomorrowland!