Ok, here’s the deal: I value clear, direct communication.

The thing is though, is that like many out there I’ve sugar coated my communication in the past when it comes to this topic of weight loss. Why? Because I really do care about you as a human being – a human being in pain about being fat.

I know how it sucks to feel so bad about yourself for being fat and out of shape. I know the pain, the self-doubts, the low self-confidence, and how being fat effects every single area of your life. I also know how cool it is to tell yourself the truth and acknowledge you’re fat and decide that you’re sick and tired of being fat and that this is where it ends

It’s a big ‘ole ball of pain and misery to be fat and feel like crap and sure, it’s important to be nice to yourself, to love yourself, to feel good now, but here’s the bottom-line, no holds barred fact of the real life situation:

You’re Fat and You Know It

You’re Fat. You know it. I know it. It’s a fact.

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You can choose to continue avoiding that fact by avoiding mirrors, avoiding having your picture taken, and continuing to lie to yourself and sugar coat it but what will that get you?

Does that help you get the results you want?

What is the result you get from avoiding the fact that you’re fat and telling yourself you’ll “do something about it tomorrow”? When does Tomorrow come?

What is the outcome you get from sugar coating the fact that you’re fat?

If you ever expect to lose weight and get results you’ve got to come to the point where you get down and dirty, totally bad-a** real with yourself because if you continue to live in la-la land, telling yourself that everything is wonderful when you can’t stand how you look, you can’t stand how you feel, then you won’t get any results. Well, you will get results – You will stay fat. You will stay stuck.

Now if you’ve been reading Fearless Fat Loss all this time but you really are happy being fat and you want to stay fat then I suggest you unsubscribe right now. If you were to continue receiving information from me but not take action in your life and get results once and for all that will only serve to frustrate you, and you’ll still be fat.

You will stay stuck in Tomorrowland without positive results and continue to berate yourself and feel bad about being fat.

HOWEVER, if you are sick and tired of being fat I can help you with that.

Sign up here for a free weight loss breakthrough session with me and we will discuss what hasn’t worked for you and have fun looking at exactly how you would like to see yourself end up.

That’s really all there is to it. You either decide to not be fat any longer or stay fat. It’s all up to you. You now have exactly 17 weeks until New Years. If you were to lose only 1 pound of fat per week that would make you 17 pounds lighter on January 1, 2010. Or you can choose to stay fat and tell yourself you will make a New Years resolution, but why hasn’t that worked for you in the past?

You Decide to Stay Fat, Or Not

I know how to lose weight in a healthy way and feel great now. I know how crappy it feels to be fat. And I know that you either decide to stay fat or you decide to do something about it once and for all.

You either decide to stay fat, or not. And if you decide you’re sick and tired of being fat then I can help you with that.

Sign up here. It’s really as simple as that.

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Straight Up – You’re Fat