I gain so much inspiration and motivation from weight loss success stories, don’t you, also? Reading about how other people have changed their lives gives you the thought, “if they can do it, so can I”!

Today I have a success story to share with you from Sandy, a woman who lost 105.8 pounds (and 82 inches!) in just over 9 months by following the Six Week Body Makeover program. Sandy had reached her top weight of 254.5 pounds and didn’t even want to go anywhere because she felt very self-conscious, miserable (all the time), and her level of self-esteem was rock bottom. She was experiencing health problems (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, aching in the knees), and saw her lowest point when she realized that she wasn’t setting a healthy example for her children.

Sandy began the Six Week Body Makeover program on July 4, 2005, declaring that as her own “personal independence day”. She made a decision, committed to regaining her health, and didn’t look back. After following the 6WBMO program and releasing her excess weight, she found that her blood pressure was normal, she no longer needed prescription medication for acid reflux, and her restored her self-esteem.

In her success story, she relates the “simple joys” in being able to cross her legs, paint her toenails, and the ability to be physically active and run around after her nieces and nephews. It’s these “little things” that really aren’t little when your overweight prevents you from doing them. They can be a great motivation for you though, to make the lifestyle changes that will get your body back into a healthy balance again.

I encourage you to read Sandy’s full story here, and also get inspired by her before and after photo. I hope this story gives you some motivation for your own life and inspires healthy choices, enjoy!

She Declared a Personal Independence Day and Lost 105 Pounds