New Articles to Release Your Fears of Holiday Weight GainAre you fearing Holiday Weight Gain?

It makes sense that you are since most gain at minimum 10 pounds each holiday season! Which only leads to another New Year’s Resolution which is broken within days or weeks. Not fun!

On the other hand my permanent weight loss coaching clients are having The Best Holiday Season yet. They have zero fear of holiday weight gain and in fact, they are losing pounds and inches. Without deprivation or force.

If you are already a member of the free Permanent Weight Loss Secrets ezine community then you already read about two of my coaching clients, Candy and Julie, and how easy and fun their holiday season is for them. And now here’s more for you to read!

You can read my new articles recently published at Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. My new articles are completely FREE-to-Read and you can access them immediately by clicking the links below.

Release Your Fears of Holiday Weight Gain at Stop Hiding Behind The Fat!

Let’s take a look at my new Stop Hiding Behind The Fat articles now so that you can get the benefits for yourself. Click each link to be taken to each article immediately!

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Why will they thank you? Because you will be helping them get the Real Truth about why 95% of dieters fail to lose weight permanently. You will save them time, money, and years of struggle and frustration!  


3 Ways to Release Your Fears of Holiday Weight Gain

Yes, the Holidays are here! The big holiday season filled with an overabundance of tasty sweets and even more food and drink to indulge in! However it’s a real drag when you’re living in fear of holiday weight gain. What’s exciting is when you know that it’s no problem at all because you’re not gaining weight, you’re losing it!

So you’ve been asking yourself why you can’t lose weight easily? Especially with the big Holiday Season coming up and all of the tasty treats (like that cake!) you’ll be presented with!


Top 5 Excuses That Keep You Hiding Behind The Fat

Here’s a topic that applies year round! Excuses! Excuses will take you to the towns of “Nowhere” and “Tomorrowland” quicker than the expressway! Don’t let your excuses continue to keep you stuck and Hiding Behind The Fat. Read the article to discover the Top 5!



If you’re tired of only reading about others getting struggle-free permanent weight loss results (because they’ve already gotten a weight loss mindset!) while you’re still struggling through this holiday season (struggling any time of year!), then you realize that you must actually DO Something Different so that you can get different results.

And you’re right! You can read for the rest of your life but until you take action with specific steps in a proven step-by-step System….well, how much longer do you want to keep reading and put off Living? Living in the body of your dreams without struggle, deprivation, or willpower.

To take your first step towards a weight loss mindset so that YOU can achieve struggle-free weight loss (and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat!) then click here now to apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session.

NOTE: The Discovery Session is only for those who are Serious about leaving their food and weight struggles and fears in the dust.

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