About a week ago I let you know that I’d be posting 30 days of fitness for body, mind, and spirit in a row for you here at Fearless Fat Loss. I decided to do this as a way to give you some encouragement and positive thoughts during the holiday season and also to get some posts written that I have on my list to write.

Normally I used to post once a day Monday through Friday unless it was a special occasion. I’ve put up a new poll so you can give me your feedback on whether or not you have any preference on how often I post new content for you.

Based on the increase in RSS subscribers (and welcome to each and every one of you! 🙂 ) it seems that many of you actually prefer when I write fewer posts, which could be because of the length however I am not sure, hence the poll!

Please vote in the poll in the sidebar, you’ll see it to the right of this post. If you have a different option that isn’t listed or any comments please leave them on this post. Thanks for voting and thanks for reading!

New Poll at Fearless Fat Loss