Here we are today, January 12, 2009, 12 days into the New Year.

How are you doing? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? If so, here’s where you could be today:

  • Feeling great because you’re choosing to take healthy actions that will get you what you want – a fit, healthy, strong, slender body.
  • Feeling not so great because you made that resolutions to get healthy and fit in 2009 and you haven’t been making healthy choices for yourself in your eating or your exercise habits.
  • Feeling kinda numb because you don’t want to delve into the pain of how you really feel about not taking healthy action, i.e.: you avoided making any kind of New Year’s Resolution because you couldn’t bring yourself to commit to following through.

If you fall more towards the side of “not feeling so hot” so far this year you know what’s really great? You always have the chance to make a new choice, in fact you can choose to take healthy action right now!

That’s right – the past is the past and it won’t help you get where you’re going to look backwards, whether or not you’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ and following through with healthy actions this year. If you have been doing awesome you’ll still need to keep it up and if you haven’t you’ll need to start if you want to reach your end result.

Either way, I have a wish for you this year: that you make this year of 2009 Your Year To Shine. That you get that unhealthy fat off your body and you keep it off. That you do it now and stop waiting until Monday.

Actually, I have a few other wishes for you…

  • I wish for you that you allow yourself to be good to yourself. That you allow yourself to choose health.
  • I wish you that you allow yourself to choose health, to choose a healthy body, choose fitness, choose energy, vitality, success, and abundance in every single area of your life.
  • My wish for you is that if you are already in a relationship that you continue to nuture it and grow in love and closeness. If you are not in a relationship and you desire one I wish that you meet your perfect partner this year and that you enjoy the journey, enjoy the process of growing in love with each other.
  • I wish for you to prosper in your finances in 2009. I wish that you allow the abundance of the Universe to flow into your life, into your bank account, and that you feel joy, fun, and freedom from your financial abundance.
  • I wish for you to experience being in love with yourself – that you fully love and appreciate your mind, your body, your spirit, your emotions, that you cherish and love yourself as the unique and loving being that you are.
  • My wish for you is that you experience loving relationships with all people in your life – your perfect partner, husband, wife, lover, friends, children, neighbors, clients, co-workers, any and all who you relate to in 2009.
  • I wish you all of the good that is ready to come into your life and that you make this your year to Go For It in every single area of your life. My wish is that you blow the lid off of your dreams and choose to act and create everything that you’ve been dreaming of.

I wish you all good in 2009 you smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss YOU! 🙂

Now Rock On with your bad self and live this life you’ve got in your hands right now. If you want a fit, healthy, strong, fantastic body you can have it if you choose it. My wish for you is that you don’t stop there though – that you let go of any limits you’ve placed on yourself and allow yourself to really go for it, to go for your dreams in 2009, and of course… have fun with it!