In my last post, I updated you on my current weight loss and fitness status, and mentioned that I would be giving you weekly updates on my progress. 😉

Today’s post also includes what my healthy weight loss plan of action is. I keep stressing health in conjunction with weight loss because to me, it’s much more important that I achieve health and fitness instead of just getting skinny. I don’t want to look like a smaller version of my current self, but want to tone and shape my body to be strong and fit, while also losing the excess weight. Here’s my plan:

  • Eat clean, whole, healthy foods, the way I learned to eat in The Six Week Body Makeover. I eat small meals throughout the day to keep my metabolism fired up, eating every 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • Do my own cooking with whole foods, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables when available. Otherwise if buying frozen or canned, the only ingredient is the food itself (i.e.: if frozen broccoli, the only ingredient is broccoli – no added salt or preservatives, etc.).
  • At least 5 days a week, do a minimum of 30 minutes of paced walking in my target heart rate zone. 99% of the time I’ll do this on my treadmill.
  • At least 2 days a week, do strength training and body sculpting exercises, using resistance bands.

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  • Drink a minimum of 100oz of clean water (nothing added) each day.
  • I am journaling when I get the urge to emotionally eat. This is actually what I consider the hardest part of weight loss and weight management to be: staying honest about why I want to eat if I am not hungry, or why I want to eat unhealthy foods that won’t help me accomplish my goals, and will just sap my energy.
  • Weigh only once a week unless I am taking progress pictures and it’s not on my weekly weigh-in date. I believe it’s highly important to stay off of the scale to avoid obsession with it. I’ll also take my measurements every week, which is an even better gauge of progress.

That’s pretty much it. The Six Week Body Makeover is the healthiest weight loss plan that I have ever experienced, which is what taught me how to cook healthy, tasty meals, as well as eat and exercise productively. However, even if you do not want to follow this program, you can make a huge amount of progress by making some lifestyle changes that include eliminating fast food and sugary, fat-filled, sodium laden processed foods, cooking up some whole, healthy foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals, and utilizing portion control.

In addition, if you start a regular walking program, do regular strength training, and get honest with yourself regarding your motivations for overeating and emotional eating, you will get results, which will motivate you to continue!

As far as the progress that I’ve made since last Monday, here are my stats:

  • Weight: 156.5 (3 pound loss)
  • Inches: 288 (3.75 loss)
  • BMI: 26.5 (as of 11/06, same as last week)
  • BF %: 36.6% (as of 11/06, down 0.6 from last week)
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