Last Sunday I started my experiment with Michael Thurmond’s 6 Day Mini Makeover plan. If you didn’t catch my post about that please go ahead and read that first before continuing on with this one. It contains very important information that you’ll want to know if you are considering doing the 6-Day Mini Makeover.

My experiment ran last Sunday – Friday and on Saturday I recorded a video post for you to tell you all about the outcome of it. Check it out!

[youtube FVlw67NfNG8]

Here’s what I did:

  • I followed the 6 Day Mini Makeover to the letter.
  • I did 2 body sculpting sessions with my 6-Week Body Makeover resistance bands.
  • I drank at least 100 oz of water each day.
  • I did 5 cardio sessions on my treadmill in my THR (target heart rate) zone, 30 minutes each.
  • I ate every 2.5 to 3 hours (I didn’t go hungry, that’s for sure!)

So, like I said in my video, I dropped 2.5 pounds and 1.75 inches and got back into my size 10 pants (I was wearing size 12). That’s what the 6-Day Mini Makeover says – that you’ll move down a whole dress or pant size in 6 days.

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My Recommendation

Do I recommend the 6-Day Mini Makeover to you? Please hear me and read the guidelines for the 6 Day Mini Makeover because you cannot just jump into it. However even if you do the 6DMM only after a full 6 weeks with the 6-Week Body Makeover, honestly I still wouldn’t recommend you do this!

Why? Well it’s the same thing I shared with you in my video: you end up eating the same foods over and over again and it’s just not a lifestyle program. If you simply follow the 6-Week Body Makeover plan the way that it’s written you’ll have a lot more fun and you’ll get the same (if not better!) results than you will with the 6-Day Mini Makeover.

It’s All About Your Metabolism

Remember, you’ve got to eat, eat a lot, and eat often to get your metabolism in super high gear and lose fat. Of course you’re eating whole, healthy, nutrient dense foods and avoiding the processed foods, which only serve to lower your metabolism and put your body into a fat storing mode, and I don’t think that that’s what you want, right?

A Good Experiment

I’m still glad that I did this experiment on myself with Michael Thurmond’s 6-Day Mini Makeover, which comes along with your 6-Week Body Makeover kit. I’ve had my kit since 2004 and have never done the 6 Day Mini Makeover simply because there was no reason to and I wasn’t at all interested in limiting the types of whole foods that I’d eat, even if only for 6 days.

Even so I wanted to have the experience of doing this and I followed it per the guidelines so that I wouldn’t risk slowing my metabolism, but I don’t plan to be doing it again any time soon. I like the variety of whole foods that I normally eat and I missed those during my 6 Day Mini Makeover experiment.

My 6 Day Mini Makeover Experiment Update