Do you have the thought that, “it’s hard to lose weight” or that, “I just can’t resist the heightened tastiness of that (metabolism crashing) processed food”?

Well you know what’s really cool….when you truly want to lose fat, lose weight, and get fit in a healthy manner, it’s easy. Why? Because you actually want to change! You aren’t forcing yourself to change or making yourself eat healthy and exercise – you want to.

You Don’t Really Want It

I propose that if you’re struggling to lose weight, gain muscle tone and strength, and create and healthy, fit, sexy, strong body that you really don’t want it. Sure, a part of you wants it, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, but there’s a larger part of you that does not want to change.

As long as you don’t have your full self in alignment (remember, you’re a vibrational, energy being – your physical body is only a small part of YOU) with what you want you will continue to fight against or resist taking the actions that will get you the body you want. You will have a hard time choosing high-vibrating, high-energy whole foods over the processed, dead foods, and you will have a hard time following through with your exercise plan.

This doesn’t mean you’re hopeless and you can’t have what you want – not at all! The first step in getting there is being aware (conscious) of where you are today, and the fact is that at this time you’re really not 100% on board with creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself; a healthy lifestyle that not only will help you lose the fat but also give you loads of energy and focus.

After all, nothing beats whole foods for the energy, focus, and overall good feelings you get from them. The human body loves whole foods and you can easily tell how awesome you feel when you eat a clean diet filled with them, not to mention how easy it is to lose weight with whole foods when you incorporate portion control and productive exercise.

Just Keep Wanting It and Loving Yourself

So if you find yourself in the space of struggling, of trying to force yourself to get fit and lose weight I suggest you surrender to where you are right now and ease up on yourself. You’ll need to discover what it is that is holding you back from treating yourself with healthy, loving actions and how you can get your full self in alignment with what you want because once you do that, weight loss is truly easy – there’s no resistance to eating healthy, whole foods and getting regular, healthy exercise because you naturally want to do everything you can to treat yourself like you would treat a cherished loved one.

In the meantime keep on loving yourself as you are today, surrender to where you are because you are where you are now, and keep on wanting that fit, healthy, strong, sexy body that you want. When you unlock the key to what’s holding you back through self-honesty and inner exploration and fully get yourself on board with the healthy body you want to create, you’ll be amazed at just how easy (and FUN!) living healthy and fit is.