Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the CaribbeanI’m in love with Pirates of the Caribbean, the whole series – yes, it’s true! The third movie, At World’s End, is my favorite – the music is spectacular, the special effects rock, and the story is as entertaining as ever.

If you’re familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean series then you know who Captain Jack Sparrow is. You might be confused about my title however, since Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) does not need to lose any weight – far from it!

However after spending hours (hehehe!) watching all 3 movies again and thoroughly loving every minute of it, I thought about how Captain Jack Sparrow would go about losing weight if he needed to. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Know What You Want Most – Captain Jack has a compass that will give him the exact direction to take to get whatever it is that he wants most in life – well, whatever he wants at that particular moment. When it comes to weight loss, you’ve got to want it more than you want to use food. Your desire to lose weight and get fit must be greater than your desire to emotionally eat or to drown yourself in sugar addiction. Once you have the desire then you can move on and…
  2. Get Committed – You can’t argue the fact that Captain Jack Sparrow is committed to his goal whether that’s getting back The Black Pearl, running from that horrible beastie, or selling out other people to get what he wants (hey, he is a pirate after all). Once you know you truly want to lose weight and get fit then you need to commit – to yourself. Commit to yourself that you’re going to do it and then…
  3. Take Action – If there’s anything that Captain Jack is all about, it’s action. He’s not one to sit around and think about things but instead he figures out what he wants and goes for it – he takes action and gets moving. How does this apply to weight loss? It’s got everything to do with weight loss! (you already knew that 😉 ). You’ll need to take action to buy those whole foods at the store (or grow them) so you can eat clean, action is needed to drink your clean water each day, and action is certainly needed to get moving and get in some exercise. Yes, there is a lot of action involved in weight loss after you get your mind in gear and commit.

Something else that truly inspired me about the Pirates series were the behind the scenes clips. The director of At World’s End, Gore Verbinski, took his creative vision and manifested it into a massive project. It’s amazing what can be done when you unleash your creativity and if things like this are possible, there’s really nothing stopping you from losing weight – except yourself!

If you haven’t watched the Pirates of the Caribbean series yet then this post won’t make a whole lot of sense to you, but if you have and you love it as much as I do then I hope you enjoyed reading this half as much as I enjoyed writing it!