Here’s a great starting point in Getting Real with yourself in your own life and the games you play with yourself, with food, and your weight.

Ask yourself the following question. I suggest you do this by looking yourself directly in the eyes, in the mirror, while stating the following: “Who exactly am I blaming for the state of my weight?”

How The Blame Game Will Keep You Fat

How often do you think (or say!) the following:

  • If only my husband/boyfriend/spouse/SO were more supportive, then it would be so easy for me to lose weight.
  • If only my fiance/spouse/lover made health and fitness in body-mind-spirit a priority in their life, then it would be so easy for me to lose weight.
  • There is no way I can commit to an action plan to end MY struggles with food and my weight until my spouse/lover/relatives/friends give me their approval.
  • If only my roommate/husband/wife/SO were to stop bringing home the donuts/cookies/brownies/Chinese/Taco Bell/etc., then I would lose weight!
  • If only my coach/trainer/mentor/therapist were more understanding/flexible/available, then I would definitely lose the weight.

Here’s the ideal statement to replace ALL of the above with:

If Only I would Get Real with myself, take 100% personal responsibility for the body and the life I’ve created, and value my body and my life enough to invest in the solution that will teach me how to take struggle-free action to get what I want, then I would lose the weight and keep it off for life.

“No One is coming to rescue you.” – Dr. Nathaniel Branden

If you continue to blame others for the results you are getting in your life you will never get what you want. You are giving your power to these “others” and when you give your power away, you abdicate your personal responsibility for what you have created.

However, when you step up and take 100% personal responsibility for what YOU have created, you take your power back at the same time, and then YOU are the one who is responsible for creating what you do want. THEN you have power.

Of course if you don’t know HOW to get what you want, you then have the personal power to seek out the solution, invest in your own life and body, and get the results you desire.

Until you take action, what will change for you?

As long as you continue to blame others for the state of your weight and the state of your life, what will you get? What will change for YOU?

There is great power – personal power – to be gained once you step up and accept Full Responsibility for the state of your weight, and your Life. All Good!

“If it is to be, it is up to me!” – William Johnson

Photo by GreyThing