Jack-O-Lantern | Fearless Fat LossCan you really lose weight while eating Halloween candy? Sure, why not? I did!

Yes! It’s True!

Last week I lost weight while eating Halloween candy.

I lost weight without struggle.

“What does that mean” you ask? What could it possibly mean that I lost weight without struggle?

Motivation Not Needed Here

It means that I did not have to motivate myself to exercise, force myself to eat healthy foods for my body (foods I believe are good for my body), and I didn’t have to fight against cravings or urges to eat candy, cake, cookies, fast food, nothing like that. Instead, I naturally and easily wanted to take the healthy actions that I did. It was FUN and I am lovin’ it.

How Could This Be??

When you get in alignment on the inside with the fit, healthy, sexy body you wish to create on the outside then almost as if by “magic”… there is No More Struggle to create that body of your dreams.

Now am I telling you that you can just lay around and not take any action at all? Uh, no….the “work” is in getting your Inner YOU congruent with the body you want to live in on the outside and when you First accomplish THAT then:

It’s Fun to take those healthy action steps that will give you the body of your dreams.

It’s Easy to make healthy choices for yourself.

There is No Battle or Struggle against anything that you think is “bad” for you because you are in alignment on the inside with the body you want on the outside. You naturally and easily (without effort or force) gravitate to the foods and the actions that will give you the body you desire to live in.

The Inner and The Outer Always Match – Always

Bottom-line: We live in a vibrational, energy-based Universe – there is no denying this. You can disagree and argue against that forever if you choose to however it won’t change the fact that everything in this world we inhabit is energy. EVERYTHING.

Same thing as if you were to choose to deny the law of gravity. You can do that (knock yourself out! lol), but how will doing that help you? Why expend energy and focus on arguing against that which you cannot change, the fact that all in this life is energy and everything begins with a thought. (hmmm, and who controls your thoughts?)

On the flip side, how could it help you to learn how to play the game of living in this vibrational energy-based Universe and get in energetic alignment with your own fit, healthy, sexy body so that it is easy and effortless for you to take action to get that body…and KEEP it?!

What if it were an enjoyable journey for you to create your ideal body? If it weren’t a struggle and you enjoyed the journey, wouldn’t it be fun?

What About the Halloween Candy?

I began this article writing about the fact that I lost weight eating Halloween candy. Yes, it’s true I had some candy and you know how I feel about it? Big Deal. That’s the sum of it. Contrast that with how I would have felt last year or previous years when I would have thought I’d “fallen off the wagon so I may as well eat whatever else I want to!”.  Today I don’t even have that desire and I really am not even interested in the candy like I would have been in the past. I’d rather have a banana and strawberries – no joke.

It’s a totally different life to live when you are in alignment on the inside with what you want on the outside. You can eat candy (if you want to) and still lose weight because you really don’t even care that much about it. If you choose to have some Halloween candy you have some but you don’t need more than a few pieces. You don’t feel guilty afterwards, there isn’t any of that struggle going on with food.

It’s completely different than being in the space where food is all you think about and your weight is the most important focal point in your life.

It’s a completely different life to be taking action to create the hot body you wish to live in (replace “hot body” with what you define “hot” – healthy, strong, fit, whatever) and enjoying where you are TODAY. It’s completely different than having the thought that “once you lose weight, then you’ll be happy”. That Doesn’t Work – been there, done that, it. does. not. work.

It all comes down to getting in alignment on the inside with the body you wish to live in on the outside. When you do that inner work then the weight loss “just happens”. Can you imagine the joy of that? It really does Rock, that’s for sure!!

…Oh, and you wanted to know how much weight I lost last week while eating Halloween candy? 7 pounds. My new jeans are already loose.

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