Auto ShowIf you’re arriving here at Fearless Fat Loss today by way of Liz Strauss’ weekend extravaganza, her Blog-to Show, then welcome, thank you for coming by!

However if you’ve never heard of a Blog-to Show and have already been a smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss for awhile now, then this post can be a refresher for you on just what this site is all about.

What is a Blog-to Show?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Blog-to Show that my bloggy friend Liz from Successful and Outstanding Bloggers has put together, it’s a virtual showcase of outstanding bloggers and she’s showcasing each and every one of them this weekend. She took submissions last week and it looks like she has ended up with over 200!

To put it simply and in Liz’s words, her Blog-to Show is like “an auto show for blogs” – how fun is that!

She asked that each blogger include such things in their submission like “what makes their blog worth visiting” along with some words of advice on the topic of blogging or a short bloggy quote. You can check out my submission as well as all of the submissions from all of the outstanding bloggers and find some new blogs to add to your feed reader!

So What’s Going on here at Fearless Fat Loss?

What exactly is Fearless Fat Loss all about? Fearless Fat Loss is about weight loss and fitness for body, mind, and spirit. It’s not only about weight loss though because the ultimate goal here is to create a healthy lifestyle in order to live life at the optimum level. The motivation for losing weight here at Fearless Fat Loss is to experience joy and health in a fit, strong body, which comes from getting back to basics – eating whole, healthy, nutrient dense foods, doing weekly strength training, and daily (or 5 times a week) cardio.

You won’t find me recommending gimmicky diet products here because I advocate creating a whole, healthy lifestyle and this goes beyond the physical transformation to the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Speaking from my own experience and the experiences of others whom I’ve met and interviewed over the years, most of the weight loss game occurs in the head. So if you are engaging in some stinkin’ thinkin’, it will be super easy to get into emotional eating and food abuse if you turn to food for comfort.

So this means doing the hardest work of all, which is to change your thoughts, which will in turn affect your emotions and how you treat your body. I don’t offer a weight loss quick fix here at Fearless Fat Loss so I cannot help ya if that’s what you’re looking for.

My Goal

My goal is to inform, inspire, and motivate you to help you live your best life possible. I am highly motivated by the possibilities of the human potential and I strive to live to my highest level of being. I believe that the first step in reaching for your highest level of life is to get your physical self in order.

Because I’m focused on informing, inspiring, and motivating and also because I have the experience of a lifetime of issues with food and weight (you can learn more about me here and also check out my video posts) I include a variety of topics here at Fearless Fat Loss. What I’ve learned is that there is a whole lot more that goes into weight loss than simply prescribing a diet and fitness regime.

What Kind of Topics Are Here?

I write articles that range from information on processed food ingredients to inform and inspire you to get back to basics with whole foods to series on how to love yourself thin. I include book reviews, motivational posts, weight loss tips that involve a lifestyle change, and I love to experiment on myself.

I’ve already amassed almost 500 articles (487 currently) over the past year+ that you can find listed in my archives. This is information that you can read at any time and take action on – after all, if you want to get results, you’ve got to take action.

Here are a few examples of the types of posts you will find here at Fearless Fat Loss:

Weight Loss Mindset:

Food Addiction:

Emotional Eating:

Self-Experiments and Series:

Processed Food Information:

Each of these topics come into play when creating a complete, healthy lifestyle in body, mind, and spirit. My personal goal is to live in joy and peace, and excellent health is a major part of this. If you want the same thing and you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, then stick around!

Thank You Liz!

Thanks go out to Liz Strauss for this opportunity to be a part of her Blog-to Show. By the way if you’re on Twitter, I suggest that you start following Liz. Not only is she a great source of helpful blogging information but she’s also a lot of fun – she made me laugh so many times this past week on Twitter that I lost count.

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