Happy Labor Day! I trust that you had a wonderful long weekend, enjoyed your friends and family, the good times outdoors, and that you treated your body with love, kindness and respect by eating the whole, healthy foods and getting plenty of fun exercise.

If you’re not and you’re actually reading this post after the Labor Day weekend has ended, are you happy with how you ate and exercised, or are you already regretting your actions?

It’s All About Lifestyle

Holidays aren’t going to go away and unless you become a hermit and abstain from spending quality time with your family and friends each month (there is some sort of holiday just about every month, sometimes twice a month) then you’re going to need to learn how to live a lifestyle that is fun and healthy that will ensure you maintain your weight no matter what holiday comes up.

If on the other hand you find that you gorge yourself at every holiday feast and put on 7 pounds over just a few days then you’ll never keep off the weight that you lose in the first place.

I see holidays as being a chance to spend time with friends and family and enjoy their company – take the focus off the food and put it on the fun! There’s so much more to celebrating the good times than food and once you fully incorporate this thought into your way of life you’ll have a much easier time maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight.

Christmas StarRight around the corner now (it will be here before you know it!) we have the major holiday season of the year looming. The holiday season when many people gain 10 pounds or more annually, but you don’t have to be a part of that statistic!

You have the choice right now to get in a groove of regular exercise and healthy eating and if you’re not a sugar addict you can either taste those holiday treats or take very small portions. However if you have the thought that holidays mean you can “let it all hang out”, then you’re making the decision to be standing on the scale on January 1 making another one of those New Year’s Resolutions that usually don’t have anything to do with changing your lifestyle in body, mind, and spirit.

It’s Up To You

This post serves as your friendly reminder that come January 1 you can either be the same weight as you are today (if you’re already at your goal weight), you can weigh more than you do today, or you can weigh less. In fact if you lost just 5 pounds a month you would be 20 pounds lighter on January 1st! It’s all up to you, it’s your choice. It’s always good to remind yourself though, that every day counts and every step either takes you closer to your goal or further from it.

You can choose today where you want to be on January 1 and once you make that choice you’ll be so much closer to getting there. And the best thing is that you can reach your goal and still enjoy all of the holiday fun, too. All you need to do is live a healthy lifestyle filled with whole foods, love and respect for yourself, regular exercise, and focus on the fun instead of the food.

Photo by wishymom