Bunny at Computer | Fearless Fat LossHappy Easter!

I simply had to write this post after receiving a Happy Easter wish from one pals on Twitter, Joao Baptista Morares.

I was meaning to wish you a Happy Easter as it was but his email was perfect because this image of the bunny sitting at his computer just cracked me up and gave me the inspiration to hop on here and get this post written.

That’s the same thing that happens whenever you take inspired action, for instance with your weight loss and fitness journey. Inspiration comes from within and it’s not the same as forcing yourself to “get motivated”. When you try to “motivate yourself” you are going to be swimming upstream (a.k.a. strugging) in an attempt to motivate yourself.

However when you are in the flow naturally with that fit, healthy, toned, feel-good, sexy body that you wish to create for yourself, then your actions that will get you there become effortless. Just like getting this post written – it’s fun and effortless.

For your Easter celebration I wish you a fun-filled time with your family and friends with the focus on the fun instead of on the food. After all, whatever you choose to focus on is what you will create more of in your life.

Have F.U.N.! 🙂

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