Wanna Write a Guest Post for Fearless Fat Loss?

I’ve received numerous inquiries about whether or not I offered guest posting here at Fearless Fat Loss and if this is something that you are interested in, well now’s the time!

This is a great opportunity for you to gain some more exposure to your blog and at the same time share your personal story that could help out the smart readers of Fearless Fat Loss.

Here’s the scoop:

What’s Your Greatest Weight Loss Challenge?

If you choose to write a guest post for Fearless Fat Loss today your post will answer the question “what is your greatest weight loss challenge?”, which will be about your personal experience with weight loss and fitness.

This can be either a past weight loss challenge that you overcame, a current challenge that you are working on overcoming, or a past challenge that you thought you had overcome but has now resurfaced (so really it’s a current challenge you’re dealing with).

Here are the points to cover in your post:

  • Explain exactly what your greatest weight loss challenge is/was
  • Why this is/was such a challenge for you
  • How you overcame it, including what worked and what didn’t work for you
  • Or if it’s a current challenge explain exactly how you are overcoming it
  • Explain the action steps you have taken or are taking to rise above your greatest weight loss challenge

The title of your guest post does not need to include the phrase “my greatest weight loss challenge” but it should describe in some way what your challenge is.

Guest Posting Guidelines

1. Original Self-Written Post

Your post has got to be original, meaning that it’s never been posted on your blog or anywhere else on the Internet (or elsewhere), and it’s got to be written by you.

Once posted on Fearless Fat Loss however it does become the property of Fearless Fat Loss and the post will not be available for reposting or republishing anywhere else.

2. Minimum 600 words in Length

If you’ve been reading Fearless Fat Loss for awhile now you know that I don’t write 2-liner posts so the body of your guest post needs to be at least 600 words in length.

3. Max 50 words bio

At the end of your post you can include a 50 word bio where you can link to your blog. I will also include an intro to your guest post at the beginning of the post.

4. You’ve got a Name

Let my readers relate to you as a person and include at least your first name in addition to your blog’s name in the bio line at the end of your post.

5. Your blog

Your blog that you link to in your bio must be family friendly and written in English. Also it must be a blog rather than a landing page, sales letter, or a website aimed at selling diet pills or other such magic diet fixes.

6. No affiliate links or photos

No links or photos need be included in your post, just your story about your greatest weight loss challenge.

7. Good Grammar and Spelling

I may make small changes in your post if needed otherwise I’ll ask you to revise it.

8. Links Back and Socializing

If you would like to link back to Fearless Fat Loss and tell your readers about your guest post that would be great but it is not a requirement. Tweeting, Stumbling, and Digging is always a good idea, too!

Acceptance of Guest Posts

I would like to post some guest posts as early as next week and the ones that are sent to me that fit the guidelines above will be posted in order of receipt so if you’d like to have yours go up on Monday then get to writing now! 😉

The deadline for accepting posts for next week’s posting will be this Friday at 12:00 pm EST and if I am inundated with great submissions then that could change.

Email your guest post to contact |at| thefitshack dot com and use “Guest Post” for your subject line.