Are you having fun on your journey to your fit and fabulous body? Are you skipping, laughing, dancing, and singing along your merry way?

Or, are you moving up the vibrational, emotional scale bit by bit, moving up and feeling relief along your way while you make your way on up to joy?

While you will likely not jump from depression to joy all at once, as long as you are making an effort to feel good, which is what the game of deliberate creation is all about, then you’ll be doing just fine. And when it comes to weight loss, if you’re not feeling good and you’re not having fun on your journey, then why in the world would you ever stick with what you’re doing?

Some Fun For Today

Check out this video – I love it. It makes me smile, makes me laugh, it’s great fun, super creative, and it makes me want to dance and sing. In essence it’s fun and fun feels good – fun is fabulous and if you want to get fit and stay fit, believe you me you’re gonna want to be having fun along the way cuz if you’re not, then how will you ever reach your destination?

Fun is where it’s at, that is unless you are more interested in feeling negative, heavy, and gloomy and living in struggle. But then you’ll have a tough time reaching your destination because living in a fit, healthy, strong, sexy body feels good, and you don’t create that by feelin’ bad.