Fit Linking at Fearless Fat LossI’ve got some great links for you to check out this weekend but first I’m going to keep ya right here at Fearless Fat Loss. There are success stories brewing in the lives of some smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss but you might not know about them unless you’re subscribed to the comments in the posts I’m going to share with you.

I encourage you to check these out because they are real people just like you and I, and they’re doing just great with their health and fitness goals.

Super Motivated (and Motivating!) Holly

Holly is sharing her success story over in the comments on my main post about the 6-Week Body Makeover plan. She started eating clean per the 6WBMO and left her first comment for me on June 3rd. She started out at 230 pounds on Monday, June 2nd and she was already down to 219.5 by that Friday, a 10.5 pound loss. (The higher your weight the quicker and more you lose in the beginning until you level off a bit.)

She used to eat a lot of fast food and by switching to the whole healthy foods and learning how to cook, which the 6WBMO teaches you, she’s now down to 205.5 – that’s 24.5 pounds lost in only 3 weeks and 4 days. This is what the 6-Week Body Makeover does for people, isn’t this awesome?! You’ve got to give the kudos to Holly though, because she is the one taking action and following this healthy lifestyle plan, way to go Holly!

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Super Successful Michelle – Taking Control of Her Health

Holly’s not the only smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss who’s kickin’ butt and takin’ names, we’ve also got Michelle who is taking her own actions to get healthy and fit. Now I must preface this by sharing that I don’t advocate surgery for weight loss because I think that many people think it’s an easy fix for the problem of overweight, and as soon as those words are out of my mouth I’ll share this with you – not everyone approaches weight loss surgery thinking that and sometimes this may be what’s needed if your life is in danger (yes, people do die from obesity related illnesses, in fact it’s only #2 to smoking and will probably eclipse it).

Michelle didn’t think that weight loss surgery would be a quick fix though, and she had it after going through 18 months of eating disorder therapy. She decided on the surgery because her BMI was dangerously high at 61 but she shared that it was not easy and her body was under extreme stress from both the surgery and the rapid weight loss (I know you might think you want to lose weight fast but as Michelle can attest to, it’s really not a good thing).

In a little over 4 months Michelle had lost over 100 pounds. She can work out without pain for the first time in her life, she’s off the junk food, and is no longer using food to stuff her emotions. So she’s definitely a weight loss success story (she’s still in process, too, just like Holly) because she’s really changed her lifestyle, something that I’m not sure if all people who have weight loss surgery do. She’s even got some pictures to share to show her progress and she sure looks great!

Michelle Before weight lossMichelle after losing over 100 pounds

More on The Sprinkle Diet, a.k.a. Sensa

By now I imagine you’ve read my post on The Sprinkle Diet and also this weeks post on MSG. Well Trisha shared her take on The Sprinkle Diet (a.k.a. Sensa) and she brings up some really great points that I didn’t think of in my post about it. A must read!

Speedlinking Healthy Lifestyles

To sum up here’s a bit of speedlinking some healthy lifestyles: Mark’s been living healthy and fit for the past 3 years and he shares that he finds some healthy inspiration from Fearless Fat Loss (very cool, I aim to inspire, inform, and motivate). Steve is abstaining from the fast food and getting his cholesterol in check, Ginger shares that she’s bringing regular running back into her lifestyle, and Cindy helps you stay motivated with Goal Call Mondays. I’ve been checking in with her each week so maybe I’ll see you over there, too.

Make it a healthy and fit weekend for yourself!

Fit Links and Weight Loss Success Stories at Fearless Fat Loss