Yesterday I wrote that I had some information to share with you regarding why I’m feeling good about losing weight slowly.

First, this goes back to last week when I shared with you how I’ve been getting an injection of motivation each Sunday by listening to Richard Simmons on Sirius Satellite Radio. I listen to him while I’m doing my healthy cooking for the week and get some healthy motivation from him and the callers he talks to.

While I was listening this past Sunday, Richard gave me a huge piece of motivation: you see, I don’t want to make myself look older than I am (who does?!), and he mentioned the fact that that is exactly what fast weight loss will do for you.

When you opt for fast weight loss, you end up losing a layer of brown fat that ordinarily lies right below the surface of the skin. This is why you see that gaunt look on people who have lost weight too quickly; I’ve seen it in before and after photos, have you, also? Well you know what? Once you lose that layer of brown fat, it doesn’t come back!

Learning this from Richard actually gave me a huge boost. I haven’t been dropping tons of weight each week, and now I’m very happy about that. If you’re like me, you don’t want to lose weight only to end up looking gaunt and tired and for me, fast weight loss (besides being unhealthy), just isn’t worth it!

I’m now feeling great about the fact that I’m not on some quick weight loss path, or an unhealthy eating and exercise plan, but instead the healthiest way of eating that I’ve ever experienced. Yes, I still have my sugar addiction to deal with, however in regards to weight loss, I’ll opt for slower weight loss any day after learning about the aging factor of fast weight loss. I love my brown layer of fat and I want it to stick around!

By the way, if you missed Richard’s show last Sunday, you can listen to the replay (12pm EST) next Sunday (11/25/07) on Sirius Satellite and hear this motivating tid-bit from him regarding the aging effects of fast weight loss. Please note that I am including this reminder not only because his show is extremely motivating, but also because I haven’t yet found a good piece of information to pass on to you for you to learn more about this topic, therefore you can hear Richard talk about it on Sirius (read this post to see about trying out a trial online subscription).