Do you have an action plan to get healthy and fit, and even more importantly, are you following it?

Yesterday I recommended that you jump on the bandwagon of positive, inspirational energy that is flowing through the country and the world and inaugurate yourself into a fit and healthy lifestyle.

You see, there is such an abundance of belief in the world that change is possible, that anything is possible, and I invite you to tap into that mass consciousness and use this inspiration and apply it to your own commitment to getting healthy and fit (if you didn’t catch yesterday’s post yet you can read it here).

Now what if you’re all fired up and committed to yourself but you don’t have an action plan? How can you really get anywhere if you don’t have a fitness action plan?

I thought I’d follow up on yesterday’s post and give you a couple of avenues you can check out to get yourself moving towards your dream of a fit, healthy body. These are books and/or programs that I have read or used myself and they can either be the ticket to your new, healthy lifestyle or be a stepping stone to your continued progress on your fitness journey:

  • The 6-Week Body Makeover – The 6WBMO is a full plan that teaches you how to eat and exercise productively to burn fat, lose weight, and gain muscle tone. The 6WBMO is about resculpting your body into the form that you desire instead of only losing weight to end up looking like a deflated version of your larger self (yeah, who wants that?!) The 6WBMO is what helped me lose 43.5 pounds and keep it off for over a year. I was only missing the inner you piece of the transformation and as long as you have your inner self congruent with what you wish to accomplish on the outside then you are golden.
  • YOU On A Diet – You’ve probably already heard of YOU On A Diet by Dr. Oz, made famous by the Oprah Show. I love this book because it’s very informative while being easy to read and fun. It gets me fired up and motivated every time I read it and I love the illustrations.
  • The Body Fat Solution – This is the most recent book I’ve reviewed here at Fearless Fat Loss and it rocks on many levels, mainly because Tom Venuto (the author) includes the mind-body connection, which I thoroughly resonate with. You could also check out Tom’s Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle program. I don’t have personal experience with that program however, but I’ve heard good things about it.
  • Gillian McKeith – Gillian McKeith is the holistic nutritionist behind the wonderful show You Are What You Eat. I recommend you watch her show and she also has several books you could check out, one with the same name as her show, You Are What You Eat and another great one is her latest, which is her Food Bible. She has a bunch of other books you can check out, too, and see what resonates with you.
  • Shrink Yourself – Shrink Yourself is an online, guided program to help you heal your emotional eating. It’s a really neat program and I actually experimented on myself with it and wrote a 12-week series on it. I know many people have had great success with it and I really like how Shrink Yourself guides you step by step through the process of healing your emotional eating.

Those are just a couple of suggestions you can review and see if any resonate with you and if so then my best suggestion for you is that you take action. Don’t worry about being perfect, just decide on a healthy action plan and take action on it, and then keep taking action on it.

Now there’s one other thing to include with your physical action plan and that is your inner action plan. The inner always matches the outer and visa versa and you want to make sure that you’re in alignment on the inside with what it is you want to create on the outside. 

Something you could take advantage of to help you with that is my 31-day series on Loving Yourself Thin. You can take action and go through this process for 31 days and then go back and do it again for even more personal power. This will help tie in the mind and spirit with the physical action you’re taking with your body and give you a fuller mind, body, spirit integration.

Now go take action!