Here’s another reason I am motivated to stick with the Six Week Body Makeover way of eating and exercising: how I feel. I actually have more energy, which gives me more motivation to accomplish other tasks in my life. Why do I feel like this? Exercise plays a part, but mainly it’s because of what I’m eating.

Obviously you would initially be interested in this plan because you want to lose weight, however the larger benefit that I experience is the fact that what I eat gives me awesome energy. You get to eat whole, clean food that tastes great, helps you shed the pounds, and gives you more energy to live your life. What more could you ask for?

Will you feel a surge of energy on day 1? Nope. Your body goes through a detox phase in the beginning (3-5 days approx.) when you don’t have a whole lot of energy and might not feel 100%; at least that is my experience. Once you get past that however, you will feel a noticeable increase in energy. I think it’s important to note this because otherwise you might think that you would always feel like you do in the beginning!

Because you do feel so good from eating healthy foods, eating often (every 2.5 – 3 hours), and in manageable portions, it makes sense that you would be motivated to continue eating like this even after reaching your goal weight. This also brings up a point that I’ve written about in previous posts: the Six Week Body Makeover is not a diet; it is a lifestyle change. If you treat it as a diet and go back to eating as you were before, you will easily regain the weight that you lost.

As it is, no matter how you lose weight, if you want to keep it off it comes down to making healthy lifestyle changes that you will continue. Now, unless you are addicted to feeling bad (hey, some people are, that is their comfort level), implementing the 6WBMO as a way of life is a healthy way to go. The only change that you would need to make once you get to your goal weight is to increase your portion sizes so that you do not continue to lose weight.

If you are ready to take control of your weight and health and are determined to make some lifestyle changes, you can find out more about the 6WBMO in the e-MiniMall below:

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