This weekend Fearless Fat Loss got a new look. Yeah!

Why the New Look? Several reasons, one being that just like I’ve changed my own “look”, on the inside as well as the outside, so must Fearless Fat Loss change and evolve.

A New Look – Background

I began Fearless Fat Loss on March 7, 2007, and as I sit here writing this update, I am not the same person holding the same focus and intentions that I held back then. I am a different person on both the inside, and the outside! (more on that below)

Back in 2007 I was focused on Food and what Food was all about. I did a great deal of research, wrote a great deal of articles, and put a great deal of focus on Food.

What I learned was a perfect example of, whatever you focus on is what you will manifest more of!

Does this mean that all of the work and research I did on food was for naught? No, as almost anyone and everyone knows, it does matter what you put into your body, and just like I would not encourage anyone I care about to put drugs into their body, I also would not encourage anyone I care about to put great amounts of processed foods into their body.

However, focusing on food is not the focus to maintain IF what you want is struggle-free weight loss and struggle-free maintenance.

If what you really want is The Solution to your food and weight struggles once and for all, then looking at food is not the place you want to look. You can learn more about that in my Brand New SPECIAL REPORT, “What’s Food Got To Do With It?”

Today’s Look

Today as I sit writing this article at my desk, I am at my lowest weight I’ve been in years. And it all came about because of the changing my “inner look”.

That’s right: I’m at my lowest weight in years, wearing a size 8, not because of any new diet or because of any special exercises, but because I am no longer driven to take the actions with food like I used to!

Today I easily and effortlessly am drawn to whole foods and I exercise without forcing myself – struggle-free. I don’t avoid any certain foods, instead I am drawn to certain foods, I eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, and live my life.

Why is all of this so effortless and struggle-free for me today? Because I shifted the Inner Root of what was driving me to take the actions that kept me in an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body. And that Inner Root has nothin’ to do with food. It never does. 😉

The result is a new look for me on the outside, and on the inside. And now Fearless Fat Loss has a new look, too. All Good Stuff!!

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