The Earth from Space | Fearless Fat LossDid you know that Earth Day is this Wednesday, April 22nd?

It sure is, and I’ve got a consciously fit take on it for you today, a list of 5 consciously fit ways that you could easily celebrate Earth Day. These actions will not only benefit this beautiful Earth we inhabit but will also benefit your own fitness in body, mind, and spirit.

Sounds like fun and a win-win situation to me!

5 Consciously Fit Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

  1. Ditch the car and walk or ride – Just for today, er, on Earth Day, leave your gas guzzler behind and either walk or hop on your bike and ride to wherever it is your heart desires. How easy would it be to walk to your destination or ride your bike instead of hopping in the car? Ok, ok, if your workplace is 20 miles from your home then keep reading, however what about when you get home from work? Is it really necessary to drive your car to go around the corner or could you instead walk those 5 blocks to the library or drugstore?
  2. Get organized, make the calls, and car pool – What if instead of driving all by yourself to that job that is 20 miles from home you carpooled with others instead? You’ve got plenty of time to organize it and if you choose to do this with like-minded, positive folks then while you won’t be getting consciously fit in body on the ride you could gain some conscious fitness in mind and/or spirit, depending on where the conversation leads.
  3. Pack a lunch – Now that you’ve arrived at your workplace that is all those miles from home, what if you packed a healthy, whole foods kinda lunch for yourself on Earth Day so that 1) you won’t be turning on your car again to drive to get lunch and, 2) you’ll benefit your body with your homemade fare you packed for yourself. Instead of feeding your body the heavily processed, low or no energy foods (a.k.a. foods super low or hardly registering on the vibrational scale), why not feed your body some high vibing, feel-good whole foods, food that will contribute to your body but more importantly to your thoughts and emotions. How do you feel about yourself when you treat yourself with care? Do you think that you become more of an asset and a contribution to others on this Earth when you feel good about yourself?
  4. Turn off the T.V. and turn on the tunes – Ok, so at first this was a step in conserving energy (turning off the T.V.) however turning on the radio or your CD player will take energy, too, however, isn’t using that energy to play some great music that you love to dance to a better use of the energy than sitting and watching T.V.? When you’ve got the tunes going and you’re up and dancing around, moving your body to the music, you’re getting those feel-good endorphins going and the better you feel the better you make this enviroment that we all live in. Do not kid yourself that you are not a part of this great planet Earth – everything you do either adds to this planet’s environment or detracts from it, and if you’re using energy to run your tunes to feel good and get fit, then aren’t you contributing in a positive manner to everyone else’s experience on this Earth? You don’t think that how you feel about you impacts everyone you come into contact with??
  5. Shun the bottles for pure, clean water – How about going for just one day to celebrate Earth Day and drink only pure, fresh clean water instead of contributing to more consumerism by drinking anything that comes from a bottle or a can. Fresh, plain water is soooo much better for your body anyway, and it’s one of the easiest steps you can take to get closer to the fitter you, the consciously fit you that you wish to become. On Earth Day by sticking with the water instead of the bottled or canned stuff of any kind you’re helping to cut back on consumerism that actually helps your body at the same time. It’s another win-win action you can take to celebrate Earth Day in a consciously fit frame of mind and healthy action.

These are just a few ways that you can consciously choose to celebrate Earth Day this Wednesday, ways that will not only benefit this beautiful Earth but also benefit your body. And don’t think for a minute that these simple actions don’t make a differerence – what if everyone or even half of everyone took simple actions like these on Earth Day? How quickly would all of those seemingly small actions add up?

Remember, you always contribute either to the greater good, or not. The greatest thing you can ever do for this planet is to become the fittest you you can be, not only in body but also in mind and spirit. When you are living consciously fit in body, mind, and spirit you will naturally choose consciously fit and healthy actions that benefit all who are around you – you cannot help but do so.

On the other hand when you veer down the route of living unconsciously with unhealthy choices for yourself, you will find it very easy to abuse the environment in ways that you might think are very small (like littering for example) but when added up they effect everyone in your vicinity.

You can make the choice this Earth Day to live consciously fit and continue to become even more fit each day, if you so choose. You can choose to accept the fact that yes, you do matter, yes, your actions do count, and your attitude and love for yourself contribute to this world more than you could ever have imagined. You are connected to this Earth, to global consciousness, you are a part of the whole, and what you do matters.

If you wish to, you can claim your responsibility to this Earth on Earth Day and choose to live consciously fit, thereby adding to the positivity and growth in the level of human consciousness. I do hope that you celebrate Earth Day in a way that benefits you and all at the same time, and remember that the more you do to take care of you, the more you inadvertently take care of this planet as a whole, because you are a part and a player in this grand environment on this great planet Earth.

Enjoy Earth Day and have F.U.N.!

Photo by Aaron Escobar™