Alrighty then – your 30 Days of Fitness for Body, Mind, Spirit at Fearless Fat Loss has now concluded. Whew!

If you’ve been following along since November 24 I mentioned at that time that I would post for the next 30 days, and now that that’s done you won’t be hearing from me anymore. LOL, just kidding, but I can say that while it was good while it lasted, for the most part you probably won’t be seeing a lot of posts from me on the weekends now, which is the usual routine around here at Fearless Fat Loss.

I also appreciate all of your feedback so far in my current poll re: my posting frequency here in general, aside from this 30 day stint. And if you haven’t voted in my poll yet you can find it to the right of this post in the lefthand sidebar.

Well have fun with the countdown to Christmas…may you have a fit and healthy one and continue to lose weight like I have been this month (stay tuned for more on that topic next week). Enjoy! 


30 Days of Fitness for Body Mind & Spirit Concluded!