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Yes, it’s true…anger can help you lose weight, however read this entire article in order to get the full gist of what I am suggesting here.

Anger is An Emotion Like Any Other

Anger is an often misunderstood emotion. Many are brought up to believe that they should never feel angry or even worse, to never feel emotion. How sad is that? Human beings are made up of emotion and if you don’t allow yourself to feel, then you’re not fully living.

While Anger is not the highest vibing emotion you can express and feel about yourself (yes, about yourself, it’s always about you), it’s sure a whole lot better than depression, which is an even lower vibrating emotion than anger.

Anger is a better emotion to feel if you have been living in the immobilization of depression, and as long as you choose to continue to move up the vibrational scale (instead of staying stuck in the anger) and feel better step by step, then anger can be useful.

It’s when you project your anger onto others that it becomes destructive, but if you are living consciously then you already know that the anger is all about you and you can either consciously choose to use it or you can also choose to deny it, project it, or stuff it. The latter 3 choices will not help you lose weight, though.

3 Ways Anger Can Help You Lose Weight

Here are 3 ways that your anger can help you lose weight. Again remember though, that the goal is to use your anger that you feel about yourself and your life to learn something about yourself and take action. If you stay stuck in your anger and don’t process it out, then it becomes destructive.

  1. Take Action – Anger can help you take action to lose weight when you get to the point that you are so gosh darned sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Of course you will need some kind of clear and concise, healthy action plan to follow that will help you not only lose the weight but also do the necessary inner work so that you keep it off. The point though, is that if you get fed up enough with yourself and this propels you to act then your anger can help you to do the work to lose weight and get fit.
  2. Get Real – All anger is about you, in fact everything is about you. In order for you to make changes in your life by leaps and bounds you’ve got to be able to be gut level real with yourself, completely 100% honest. If you don’t do this then it will be difficult to make lasting changes because you won’t allow others to help you, much less will you be able to help yourself. When you get angry enough with yourself for creating the body and the situation that you have, it can help you dig deep and get real about what you’ve done so that you can move on, lose weight, and become what you really want to become.
  3. Get Moving – This is a little different than #1, which is about taking overall action. Anger can also help you get your body moving and exercising because it feels so good to move your body and process that anger out. When you feel anger your body naturally wants to move, to walk, to run, to jump up and down, whatever, as opposed to being immobilzed by the lower vibrating emotion of depression. When you do get moving you will be able to move beyond the anger as well into the higher vibrating states since physical exercise naturally helps you feel good. All of that physical movement can help you lose weight, also, especially if done productively with both goals in mind, those goals being to process out your anger and also to burn fat so that you lose weight.

Your emotions make up your vibration and the vibration of anger isn’t anywhere near the highest vibration of joy but if you are tuned in to how you are feeling you can harness that anger and use it productively. You won’t stay it in anyway, if you know how to move up the emotional scale and feel better now, but it’s cool that you can put it to use while you’re feeling it.

If however, you are so shut down that don’t even know how you feel because you’ve been avoiding and stuffing your emotions for so long, then you will be in for a surprise if you ever choose to clean up your issues around food and your weight because food is used by many overweight individuals to stuff their emotions. It can be overwhelming when you stop using food as a crutch to try to make yourself feel better and you may find a great deal of hidden anger within you.

Put your anger to good use and it can help you lose weight. Then when you choose to move beyond it, everything just gets better and better.

To Get The Quickest Results

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