weight loss perfectionism and a perfect flowerHappy Weekend to ya! It’s been an awesome week here at Fearless Fat Loss and I am sending out a big THANKS to all you smart readers who not only read my post on Monday in which I asked you to help me help you by subscribing to Fearless Fat Loss’s fun and consciously fit newsletter, but also joined up!

I was inspired to write that post and ask for your help and I’m glad I did it because this whole week has been filled with tons of Imperfect Action that I’ve been taking. If you folks hadn’t joined my newsletter then I probably still wouldn’t have started writing that e-course for you on How to Create a Weight Loss Mindset  (Update: the e-course is no longer available) because I still would have been caught in that trap of perfectionism.


Yep, that whole habit of perfectionism will really keep you from moving forward and it’s really easy to hold yourself back from getting fit by trying to do it perfectly. Life isn’t always perfect like the flower in the picture above and being a perfectionist is a hard road to take when you want to get fit, lose weight, and shape up.

Sure, your lifestyle needs to support your fitness in body, mind, and spirit, however when you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself rather than trying yet another diet you’ve gotta start living differently sometime, and there’s no better time than now – doesn’t mean it’s going to be the perfect time to change though because there never will be a perfect time to get fit.

3 Reasons to Drop Perfectionism So You Can Lose Weight

It’s vitally important that you let go of the habit of perfectionism if you want to lose weight and get fit because someday, tomorrow, and Monday never come. There’s always a better time (you think) to make changes, a time when it won’t be so hard, so this or so that, but that time doesn’t arrive. Now is the only time you have and now is when you are creating your future.

1. Perfectionism keeps you from acting – if you don’t take action and make healthy changes you won’t lose weight, it’s as simple as that. If you’re constantly trying to be perfect then because there isn’t such a thing as a “perfect time”, you’ll keep on stalling.

2. Perfectionism leads to the thought that f you’re not perfect with your eating plan, you feel like you’ve totally blown it, which leads to deciding to “go all out” and eat anything and everything in site. Why not, you’re no longer perfect, right?

3. Perfectionism gets you into putting more focus more on your mistakes than on your accomplishments, when it’s your accomplishments that really matter and deserve to be celebrated! Whatever you put your focus on is what you will create more of in your life and perfectionism leads to a focus on the negative – focusing on your accomplishments instead will create more of the positives for you. 😉

Life’s Not Perfect but Imperfect Action Rocks!!

Life isn’t perfect and you’re probably not always going to be perfect with your eating and exercise habits, and if you continue to expect perfection from yourself you’ll stay stuck in a cycle of waiting and waiting for that perfect time to start taking healthy action. It’s much better to take Imperfect Action now and start moving forward towards your vision, accepting that you’re not always going to be perfect.

Besides that, you’ll take a lot of pressure off yourself when you choose Imperfect Action over waiting to be perfect because you’re already accepting that perfection isn’t your goal, but progress is! Also Imperfect Action feels awesome – sure, I’ve had few laughs this week with my Imperfect Action but I wouldn’t have made the progress that I did make if I hadn’t been inspired to take action, let go of the perfectionism, and embraced Imperfect Action.

Photo by Lyubov