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Wanna lose weight but can’t stop eating? Then come to this FREE weight loss class to learn what’s REALLY Going On here. Meaning that there’s a lot more to the problem when you want to lose weight but you can’t stop eating, and this is why no food diet has ever fixed your emotional eating (Ugh! Frustrating, right?)

Yes, there’s a LOT more going on than what you’ve thought, if you want to lose weight BUT you can’t stop eating, you can’t stop emotional eating, you can’t stop binge eating, you just simply can’t stop overeating. When I say that there’s a lot more going on, here’s some example of what the typical weight loss battler (there are millions out there, you’re not the only one!) thinks about themselves and their diets.

Wanna Lose Weight BUT Can’t Stop Eating?

When you really do want to lose weight but you can’t stop eating, and overeating, and emotional eating, and binge eating (gosh, I know how frustrated you feel!!)…. you’ll tend to think a lot of negative things about yourself that are the same kinds of negative thought others who are struggling with the same problem are thinking about themselves.

For example, some of the negative thoughts and misconceptions that the majority who are overweight and overeating have are ….

  1. That you’re lazy and have no willpower because you can’t stop eating.
  2. That you must be stupid because you can’t stick with your weight loss plan for more than 7 days.
  3. That the answer to your problems is a new food plan (UNLESS you have been using crazy fad diets and weird diet pills that never fix the real problem)
  4. That you should be able to fix your overeating and overweight battles all on your own.
  5. That you should be able to just DO IT and MAKE yourself stop overeating and lose weight.

The problem with the list above is that these are very negative thoughts and beliefs to have about yourself, and also they are off the mark. There’s a lot more to the story than is apparent on the surface (AND your overeating problems are not about laziness or stupidity, not at all!).

Debunking Weight Loss Myths in This Free Weight Loss Class

In July’s free weight loss class we’ll debunk the five, very common thoughts and beliefs listed above and give you the REAL underlying issues so that you know what REALLY needs to be fixed, so that you can be free. Be free of the problems of overeating and overweight and be free of emotional eating, binge eating, food addictions and yo-yo dieting.

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