You Are What You Eat on BBC AmericaYou’ve heard the saying before that “you are what you eat”, right? Well a couple days ago I came upon a show on BBC America, which is titled just that – You Are What You Eat.

It’s really a must-watch in my opinion, have you seen it yet? According to BBC America’s site, it premiered in September ’07, but this is the first time I’ve happened upon it.

You Are What You Eat is a show that highlights a different obese individual (or family) from Britain during each 30 minute episode. The show documents how they got there, which from what I’ve seen so far was by eating lots of sugar, bread, butters, (unhealthy) fats, and take out (over there it’s called takeaway), along with a lack of exercise. Basically, whatever that person’s path was to obesity, they cover it. In one of the episodes I saw they put all of the food on a table that one obese woman ate during a week. It was quite interesting, and she quite was grossed out by it! That’s something that really brings to light what you’re putting in your body, when you keep a food journal and document every little thing you eat in a week and then lay it out on the table all at once!

To help these Brits change their ways the show has on staff Gillian McKeith, a holistic nutritionist who makes house calls. Gillian visits the individuals and helps them get on the healthy path of eating clean, whole foods. She gives them recipes, shows them how to easily cook for themselves and their family, how to shop, and whatever else they need help with. If they don’t like the taste of the food they’re eating she will come back and give them some healthy tips on how to make a healthy dressing or use different spices, whatever the case may be.

They also talk about all sorts of different health related issues that the participant(s) on the show might be having, such as gastrointestinal difficulties caused from eating an unhealthy diet, and how to correct that through their healthy eating plan. Gillian covers a little bit about exercise but she mainly focuses on how to eat healthy and clean.

To me, You Are What You Eat is very motivating in so many ways, one being that they document the participant’s weight loss by coming back 6 weeks after they started their new healthy lifestyle. They share all about how much better they feel from eating whole, fresh foods, how they’ve changed unhealthy habits, how they can move easier, and how they overall just feel a whole heck of a lot better! Of course they’re very happy about losing weight, too, and they share how they are committed to continuing on with their healthy lifestyle.

I really recommend taking a look at You Are What You Eat. You can learn some new recipes and I just love seeing how other people changing to a lifestyle of eating whole foods instead of processed. If you’re like me then this show is right up your alley, too. I’m looking forward to seeing future episodes!

If you’ve already watched You Are What You Eat I’d love to hear what you think about it and if you found it motivating. If you haven’t seen it yet you can check out the schedule for You Are What You Eat and gain some motivation for dumping the processed and fast foods today!