Confused Alien at FearlessFatLoss.comWhen was the last time you watched Hoarders on A&E or Hoarders Buried Alive on Lifetime?

Have you ever noticed that all hoarders are overweight? Ok, sure, maybe in two percent of episodes I’ve watched the hoarder was not overweight. Almost always these were men. I saw one episode where a woman who hoarded was not overweight and the majority of all of the many episodes of Hoarders on TV I’ve watched were overweight or obese.

What do you think about this? Have you ever considered what the connection is?

Yes, I’ve watched many episodes of Hoarders on A&E and Lifetime. I find it fascinating: the psychology, the overwhelm, and the DENIAL that hoarders live in.

It’s a very similar mindset to the mindset of an overweight person who lives in denial, allowing years of their life to go by while telling themselves that “someday” they’ll lose weight.

It takes an F.A.T. Mindset on the inside to create excess physical fat on the outside and those Fear Attracting Thoughts easily lend a hand to the denial, which cements the individual even deeper in their food and weight problems. The denial exacerbates their low self-esteem and feelings of being “unworthy” of living in a slender, fit, healthy body.

But what about Hoarders? Why are all hoarders overweight?

Why Are All Hoarders Overweight?

So WHY is it that all hoarders are overweight? Or, ninety eight percent of them are overweight!

What is the connection? Here’s just one reason: Control.

Hoarders are attempting to control the uncontrollable by hoarding food, items, animals, garbage, and all sorts of other things. Hoarders hang on in an attempt to control when the truth for ALL of us is this: You can ONLY control YOU. Specifically, you can control your own thoughts, emotions, actions, and behaviors. But that’s it.

You cannot control what other people do, think, say, or live. You cannot control other people leaving, whether through death, divorce, or dis-ease.

You cannot control the Universe you cannot change Universal Laws and you cannot control anything that is outside of you.

You CAN influence what is outside of you but you can only do this once you have gained complete control of YOU. This control of your Inner Self is not achieved by purchasing books, dvds, food, workout equipment, or courses. You can only gain full control of YOU by taking action with proven steps to BE in control of YOU.

Most are unwilling to do this. It’s just simply easier to go along and observe whatever comes your way. But the observer way of life does not get you the life of your dreams, or the body of your dreams. In fact, the only way to achieve permanent weight loss is by taking action to gain complete control of your MIND, which your body will follow. Mindset is ninety percent of permanent weight loss. Diet and exercise is only ten percent. It’s the mindset that makes weight loss very very easy, or it makes it the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

Mindset is the problem of Hoarders. Hoarders absolutely 100% have an F.A.T. Mindset, a mindset grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts. It’s your fat on the inside that creates the excess fat on the outside. Your F.A.T. Mindset makes it easy to hang on to your negative emotions about your life, relationships, your body, and food. All of that heaviness on the inside is a match to the heaviness on the outside.

A Hoard is actually a Fat Environment. It is an excess of all that the hoarder carries on the inside of themselves, in their Inner Self. The Hoard represents confusion, indecision, low self-esteem and low self-worth. The hoard also represents an attempt at protection, control and safety.

Excess physical fat is often there for the same reasons: an attempt at protection, safety, and control.

What are your thoughts about all hoarders being overweight, obese, out of shape and unhealthy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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