ScaleOk, so we talk about how to get motivated to lose weight and how not to lose your motivation to lose weight, then how to regain your motivation to lose weight and finally, what to do when you feel absolutely no motivation to lose weight. Well today I have a new one ya:

Your motivation to lose weight is a lower ticket price for air travel.

Sound ridiculous? It’s not; right now in the airline industry they’re tossing about the idea of having airline passengers weigh in to determine their ticket price.

I saw this on tv a few days back (usually don’t watch the news but somehow I caught this) and on Twitter today a couple of my twitter friends Barbara Boser and Ari J. Greenberg brought up the topic of air travel and how photography equipment is being pilfered from checked bags in Philly and how the customary “one free checked bag” is starting to fall by the wayside (American charges 15.00 per bag and United followed suit today).

What’s It Have to Do With Weight Loss?

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So we can see that the airlines are in trouble and they’re trying to recoup their losses over high fuel prices in any way they can. Well we can directly relate this to your motivation to lose weight because if they implement this plan (and why not, they weighed passengers back in the 70’s), what you weigh will determine your ticket price.

Can you imagine, standing in line and getting up to the ticket counter where you have to be weighed in front of everyone while your bag gets weighed right next to you? Or maybe they would be kind and put you and your bag on the scale together so it’s wouldn’t be so obvious how much you actually weigh.

The reason they’re thinking about weighing you is because it’s the weight of the plane that determines how much fuel it needs to take on board, and you already know how much it’s costing you to fuel your vehicle. If you multiply that by a gazillion, you can see why the airline industry is struggling and trying to bring in more money however they can.

Will You Fly If You Have To Weigh In?

So let’s say that tomorrow the major carriers announce that they are all requiring that you weigh in and they are basing your ticket price on the combined weight of your body and your bags. What would you do? If you are a frequent flyer will this motivate you to lose weight and get fit, or would this trigger your emotional eating because you feel angry about this turn of events?

What if you’re overweight and you frequently fly for business and your employer decides that you’ll need to either shape up or pay for the overage on your ticket (overage = amount you’re overweight). I don’t know if that’s even legal so let’s look at it like this: would you be motivated to lose weight for fear of losing your job if you’re a frequent business traveler?

Let’s say that your colleagues are all of a healthy weight but you could stand to lose 50-100 pounds. You know that your ticket prices are far above your colleagues prices so even though you’re the top performer at work would you be concerned about job loss and start a workout plan? No, you’re not supposed to get fired over your health but they could give you another reason.

Sound Too Far Fetched?

You might be reading this and think that I’m out in left field but it’s no secret what’s going on with millions of people in America today when it comes to unemployment. So, when you tie in your overweight and lack of health and fitness and relate it to how it could affect your job (and what about flying for vacation, you want to get out and have fun, too!), I think you can see that these thoughts could easily enter a person’s mind if the airlines do start charging you per your weight.

A Blessing or a Curse?

The way I see it if the airlines do start making you weigh in it could either help people get motivated to get fit, or it will bring in millions of dollars for the airline industry, or it will take money away from them because even more people will stop flying. I mean if you must weigh in, bring hardly any baggage and at the same time be looking around for suspicious characters on your flight, I think that more people might start driving, or just stay home.

What Do You Think?

Honestly, would this motivate you to lose weight? I’m especially interested in hearing from those of you who are frequent flyers. However if you have a regular routine of 1 or 2 vacation flights every year I’d also like to hear if weighing in would motivate you to lose weight, or if you would cut back on your vacations instead.

The Price to Fly – A Motivation to Lose Weight?