Super Bowl Sunday Pig Out Day - A Day of Overeating Second Only to ThanksgivingHave you heard that Super Bowl Sunday ranks as the second highest day for overeating in America, second only to Thanksgiving? In fact, as ABC News puts it, it’s the Pigskin Pigout full of Super Bowls Full of Gluttony day!

Wow, that’s a Big Day of Overeating! Which is not a “good thing” if it makes you feel bad about your out-of-control, overeating behaviors. Especially if you also had high hopes about losing weight when you made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.

What Can You DO If You’ve Pigged Out on Pigskin Pigout Day? (Because You Still Want to Lose Weight!)

Here’s something important to look at: Exactly how many days are there throughout the year when you “give in to gluttony” because you have the excuse of “It’s my birthday!” or “It’s Thanksgiving Day!” or, “It’s Super Bowl Sunday!!”

Now of course, if you feel really good about overeating on these or any days throughout the year, then you don’t have much need for this article because….you feel good about how you eat and the body you live in!

However, if you are like most who feel desperate to break the shackles of longstanding struggles with food and your weight, then each one of these days that comes around when you engage in gluttony just because it’s “Super Bowl Sunday” or “It’s the weekend!” (hey, there are 52 weekends in a year!) then perhaps this is something for you to look at. IF what you truly desire for yourself is a permanent solution to your ongoing struggles with overeating, overweight, and self-sabotage.

What’s very exciting is that all of this CAN be turned around. How? By getting a weight loss mindset. Once you have that (mindset is 90% of your problem, or solution!) then you’ll never again tell yourself, “It’s Super Bowl Sunday so I might as well Pig Out on Pigskin day!” because that’s not how a person with a weight loss mindset even thinks.

When you have a weight loss mindset you enjoy the day. If you love the Super Bowl then you enjoy all parts of it. When you have a weight loss mindset Super Bowl Sunday is no longer about the FOOD. Instead it’s about the fun, the experience, the people you are with, the engagement, and the game!

Football Super Bowl Sunday | Fearless Fat LossOtherwise, as long as you continue living with an F.A.T. Mindset then Super Bowl Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Saturday night, vacation time,  ANY day or event that you associate with food and overeating will continue to cause you stress and anxiety. (Not sure if you have an F.A.T. Mindset? Grab my FREE E-course to discover the answer!)

Besides your own struggles with your weight, overeating, and self-sabotage, it is quite interesting that Super Bowl Sunday equals “Let’s Pig Out” on the same scale as Thanksgiving Day. It’s a good example of the associations that so many make with events and food, this one being a hook-up or association between Super Bowl Sunday and a free-for-all day of overeating.

What about you – what is your association with Super Bowl Sunday? Are you dreading it because you don’t want to give in to gluttony, or are you looking forward to it?

If you’re looking forward to it is that because of the game, the commercials, half-time, or because of the food? Do you associate Super Bowl Sunday with eating whatever you want while watching the game with family and friends, or do you not care about the game day at all and therefore have no concern that you’ll be overeating? Or maybe you’ve planned out healthy snack alternatives for the day because it’s so easy for you to do without any struggle or force?

Go ahead and leave a comment with what this day means to you. Do you agree with ABC News, that’s it’s the second largest “Pig Out” day next to Thanksgiving? That Super Bowl Sunday is a royal day of gluttony?

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