Did you know that yesterday was National Love Your Body Day? I had no idea until I read about it late last night in this post. This is quite the coincidence: I started the 31 Days of Loving Yourself Thin series on October 1st, the perfect month to do so since “Love Your Body Day” is October 18.

I learned today on the blog A Journey to the Lighter Side that it’s nothing new, it started in 1998. Overall I do think that the Love Your Body Day is a step in the right direction, however it’s much more powerful when you continue to love your body just a little bit more each day, instead of only one day out of the year, which is exactly what we’re working on this month. 🙂

Love Your Body Day is about counteracting the negative media bombardment that women receive, the message being that we aren’t good enough unless we look like the models in the ads. I grew up analyzing fashion magazines (and comparing myself to them!), so I can completely relate to the influence that the media holds. What is important to remember is that most of the images that we see are altered, and don’t even portray the person as they are in “real life” (see this page for some ads on the positive, more realistic side).

I can understand why Love Your Body Day is slanted towards women, simply because the messages women are given are different than those targeted towards men. For example, men aren’t normally criticized for getting older, but are portrayed as being wiser and more distinguished. Women though, are given the message that you must continue looking young at all costs, and are severely criticized when they don’t look as good as they used to.

Does this mean that no men suffer at all from a negative body image or lack of self-love? Not at all, it’s only that October the 18 is focused on the negative impact of media, which is why the focus is on the female population.

What do you think about designating October 18 as Love Your Body Day? Do you think it is helpful and raises awareness, or is it just another day that has been designated as a “special day” on the calendar? Were you aware of it, and did you do anything special to celebrate the day?

If you didn’t celebrate the day you can still do something now to love your body, something as simple as saying thanks for how perfectly your body works for you; and, if there is something that isn’t working right now, focus on what is working. 😉