Here’s something really neat that I’m very excited about. No, I won’t be auditioning for it because I’m not in the L.A. area, but I think that it will really help to raise the awareness of the rampant human problem of sugar addiction, a problem that is more common that many people might think!

Here’s the scoop, and it is time sensitive: the same people that brought you The Biggest Loser are starting to cast for a reality show that will help sugar addicts! Isn’t that something?! If you are in the L.A. area and fit the qualifications, you need to shoot an email out to casting today because they are doing interviews today, tomorrow (Friday, December 7) and Monday (December 10).

If you’re cast on the show you will get help with your sugar addiction from Paul McKenna, the author of I Can Make You Thin. This book is new to me so I haven’t written a post on it, but he does work with the subconscious mind, a topic that I have focused on a great deal here at Fearless Fat Loss, so I will definitely have to check out his book. Also, if you go to his site you’ll see that he works with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which is the same work that Anthony Robbins does.

The full information about the reality show casting is posted on the Sugar Shock! Blog and the blogger and author of the book Sugar Shock! (Connie Bennett) is asking that when you email casting ( totalrealitycast |at| ) that you also contact her.

In order to qualify for an interview, you must be:

  • Over 21 and under age 55
  • Either a man or woman (hmmm, why is this qualifier needed?)
  • At least 30 pounds overweight but not more than 90 pounds overweight

Be sure to read Connie’s post for the full details before you email casting if you’re interested in doing this because they also want to know other things like how long you’ve been addicted to sugar, the specific sugared foods you go for, your vital statistics (height, weight, and how much weight you need to lose), why you want to change and get off of sugar, and just how miserable you are in your sugar addiction.

I’d love to hear if you go for it and what happens. Please leave a comment if you apply, and especially if you end up interviewing. Good luck, I think this would be a great opportunity to get some help getting off of sugar!