Rudolph Christmas TwinkiesSo you’ve heard that Hostess is going out of business and you’re wondering, “Well if I can’t buy Twinkies then will I lose weight?!”

Maybe you’re thinking that since  you won’t have access anymore to Hostess Twinkies, Hostess Cup Cakes, Ding Dongs or Ho Hos (unless you make a run on the stores now) you’ll have an easy time losing weight?

Well I’m sorry to break it to you but the reason you are still struggling with food and your weight is NOT the fault of the junk food manufacturers. In fact, if Hostess, Dominos, Taco Bell and McDonald’s were all to close today, you would still be struggling with food and your weight.

I know, it’s not what you want to hear! But it’s true.

But why? Wouldn’t it make it easier to lose weight if all of the junk food and fast food manufacturers were wiped from the planet?

No, unfortunately it wouldn’t make any difference. Here’s why: It’s your mindset that is driving you to overeat, emotionally eat, and stuff yourself with food. If you can no longer buy Hostess Twinkies you’ll find something else to substitute!

Why? Because an F.A.T. Mindset drives you to create and maintain a body that matches your mindset. It’s your mindset that will drive you to buy up all of the Hostess cakes you can get your hands on out of fear (F.A.T. = Fear Attracting Thoughts), and also hold you in your overweight body.

FACT: It’s really that simple. Your Mindset is 90% of your success (or failure!) with your weight. How you eat and exercise is only 10%. You cannot DO the 10% in a healthy way if you have an F.A.T. Mindset. (Just imagine what you could do with a weight loss mindset!!)

Oh, and by the way, the fast food and junk food manufacturers are not going out of business en masse, because they have too much business from folks who want what they are selling! Or, folks who wish they didn’t want it, but they can’t seem to stop themselves from consistently buying it. Perhaps you can relate?

If I Can’t Buy Twinkies Will I Lose Weight?

The short answer to this question is what I wrote above, which is “No”. You won’t lose weight just because you cannot buy Twinkies anymore (and maybe another company will buy their recipes anyway, so no one will need to go without!).

But what if you deeply desire to lose weight? What if you just can’t stop eating? What if you really thought that it was all the fault of food, and you just need to Force and Fight with your Inner Rebel to get yourself to “JUST DO IT” so that you can lose the weight and never think about Twinkies again?

Well, that’s the very long, hard route to take, which in the end never gives you permanent weight loss. In fact, a person who has a weight loss mindset like Lisa has will eat a Twinkie if she wants to and feel fantastic about it.

However, she very likely doesn’t even want a Hostess Twinkie! But, let’s say she does. The difference is that with someone like my inspiring client Lisa who I coached to a weight loss mindset (that’s how she dropped 50 pounds without struggle!), she knows exactly how to eat like a naturally slender person, and naturally slender people eat what they want, when they want. 90% of the time only when they are physically hungry.

Therefore Lisa is not a woman who would sit and eat a whole box of Twinkies today. In the past she did overeat (click here to hear her tell you in her own words!) but today with a weight loss mindset, those old behaviors are a thing of the past.

You see, once you have a weight loss mindset then YOU are the one with the power. The food no longer has any power over you. Therefore with Hostess going out of business and Hostess Twinkies possibly being gone for good, those with a weight loss mindset won’t lose any sleep over it.

Those folks also know that if they did not have a weight loss mindset today then they would probably be running out to the stores to buy as many boxes of Twinkies as they could find! Not to freeze them for later, but to eat as much as they could now.

Not because they would not be aware that they would gain even more weight, but because with an F.A.T. Mindset (a mindset rooted in Fear Attracting Thoughts) they would immediately feel fear of deprivation and try to fill that with overeating as many Twinkies as possible.

What’s exciting is that once you have a weight loss mindset you know exactly how to stay in control of YOU and your own mind and emotions.

How To Stay in Control of YOU and Lose Weight Easily!

What if you had all of the tools to maintain your Inner Self so that you could lose weight whether Twinkies are on the planet or not?

How would you feel to be so in control of YOU that you could finally live a healthy lifestyle to drop that fat and have the body you’ve always craved?

What if your body finally matched your otherwise successful life?

To take the first step towards a weight loss mindset click here to apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session. For YOU if you are Serious about leaving your junk food obsessions in the dust. Not for those who want to hang on to their food obsessions and continue to struggle with their weight (not fun!!).


Photo credit: sshb on flickr